Property tax in Bangalore

House tax payable to BBMP on properties in Bangalore

The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagar Palike (BBMP) is the most reliable and accurate resource for calculating property tax.

Property tax on Residential properties

The present zonal classification under Unit area Value method is divided into six zones from A to F. The residential property is made up of RCC.

ZONES Tenanted (per sq.ft) Self Occupied (per sq. ft)
A Rs. 5.00 Rs. 2.50
B Rs. 4.00 Rs. 2.00
C Rs. 3.60 Rs. 1.80
D Rs. 3.20 Rs. 1.60
E Rs. 2.40 Rs. 1.20
F Rs. 2.00 Rs. 1.00

Special Category

(Annual composite tax for Properties coming under the 110 villages added by BBMP)
Area (in square ft.) Lump sum tax + cess
Less than 300 square ft. Rs.100 + cess
301-500 square ft. Rs.250 + cess
1001-1500 square ft. Rs.750 + cess
More than 1501 square ft. Rs 1000 + cess

Property tax on Commercial properties

ZONES Tenanted (per sq.ft) Self Occupied (per sq. ft)
A Rs. 20 Rs. 10
B Rs. 14 Rs. 7
C Rs. 10 Rs. 5
D Rs. 8 Rs. 4
E Rs. 6 Rs. 3
F Rs. 3 Rs. 1.50

Property tax on vacant lands

ZONES Property tax (per sq. ft)
A 0.50
B 0.40
C 0.30
D 0.25
E 0.20
F 0.12

How to calculate Bangalore property tax?

Property Tax (K) = (G – I) * 20%
Where, G = X + Y + Z
I = G x H / 100

G = Gross Unit Area Value

X = Tenanted area of property × Per square ft. rate of property × 10 Months

Y = Self-occupied area of property × Per square ft. rate of property × 10 Months

Z = Vehicle parking area × Per square ft. rate of vehicle parking area × 10 Months

H = Percentage of depreciation rate (Depends up on Age of the Property) Table below to check the rates

I = Depreciation amount

IILUSTRATION: Let’s take a plot of Zone D rate Rs. 3.20 per sq ft (if rented-out) and Rs. 1.60 per sq ft (if Self-occupied) and Rs. 0.80 per sq ft (Car park area).

Hence the apartment is 3 years old so depreciation rate is 3%

Formula to be used

X= 0 x 3.20 x 10 =0 (As no portion of the house is rented out)

Y= 1400 x 1.60 x 10= 22,400

Z= 150 x 0.80 x 10= 1200

G= (X+Y+Z) = 0 + 22,400 + 1200= 23,600

I = (G x H) /100 = (23,600 x 3)/100 = 708

K = G – I x 20% = 23,600 – 708 x (20/100) = Rs. 4,578.40

Basic Property tax = Rs. 4,578.40

Now, adding 24% of cess

4,578.40 x (24/100) = Rs.1098.82

Total Property tax to be paid = 4,578.40 + 1098.82 = Rs. 5,677.22

You can avail a rebate of 5% if you pay tax by 30th may of every year.

And, if you don’t pay your property tax on time then a penalty of 2% per month on the net payable amount will be charged.

Rebate on Property Tax
  • 5% rebate can be availed if entire property tax for the current year is paid before 30th May of every year
  • Property tax can be paid in two installments, then no interest on first installment if paid by 30th may, and second installment can be interest free if paid till 30th November.
  • If you have an assigned PID number or Khata, you are eligible to pay your property tax through cheque, DD, Pay order or by using Credit/Debit card at office of the Assistant Revenue Officer or at BBMP help Centre.

How to pay property tax online in Bangalore?

  • Go to official website of municipal corporation Click Here
  • Enter your new or old PID number or Base application number
  • Then, all you’re your tax details will be fetched
  • After checking the amount, Click on Pay tab to make the payment online through Credit/debit card, net banking
  • After payment it will generate a payment receipt that can be used for future reference


Age of the building Depreciation rate (per cent) on taxable annual value
Does not exceed 3 years 3
Exceeds 3 years but does not exceed 6 years 6
Exceeds 6 years but does not exceed 9 years 9
Exceeds 9 years but does not exceed 12 years 12
Exceeds 12 years but does not exceed 15 years 15
Exceeds 15 years but does not exceed 18 years 18
Exceeds 18 years but does not exceed 21 years 21
Exceeds 21 years but does not exceed 24 years 24
Exceeds 24 years but does not exceed 27 years 27
Exceeds 27 years but does not exceed 30 years 30
Exceeds 30 years but does not exceed 33 years 33
Exceeds 33 years but does not exceed 36 years 36
Exceeds 36 years but does not exceed 39years 39
Exceeds 39 years but does not exceed 42 years 42
Exceeds 42 years but does not exceed 45 years 45
Exceeds 45 years but does not exceed 48 years 48
Exceeds 48 years but does not exceed 51 years 51
Exceeds 51 years but does not exceed 54 years 54
Exceeds 54 years but does not exceed 57 years 57
Exceeds 57 years but does not exceed 60 years 60
Exceeds 60 years 70

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