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ITR Verification

E Verify ITR

Last Updated 26th Jan 2022

  • ITR verification is needed after the income tax has been filed.
  • Verifying ITR is important to be considered valid by the Income Tax Department.
  • ITR can be verified digitally from the e-filing website of the Income Tax Department.
  • The ITR has to be verified within 120 days from the day of filing it.
  • An electronic verification Code or EVC is required to be generated for e-verifying the ITR.
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How to E Verify Income Tax Return?

You must have already filed your income tax returns for the present fiscal year before the verification. After filling the ITR, you need to check whether it has been filed with the IT department or not. For this, you need to do an ITR verification to make sure that your tax submission does not become invalid. The easiest way to do this is the online method or e-verification. The online procedure is effortless and time-saving.

The e verification of ITR can be done online in five different ways. But before going ahead with the verification, make sure that you have already filed for the income tax returns for the present fiscal year. Once done, you need to verify the submission within 4 months from the date of filing. You can verify the income tax return filing in either of the five ways.

  • Bank ATM
  • Internet Banking
  • Aadhaar OTP
  • Demat Account
  • Bank Account Number

Steps to File ITR

Filing an ITR involves two crucial steps which are the following.

  • E-filing of ITR: You have to file your income tax returns online on the online portal of income tax return filing of the Department of Income Tax, which can either be done by yourself or by an intermediary.
  • ITR Verification: Once filed, e-verify ITR within 4 months from the day of filing it.

Step by Step Guide to E Verify ITR

Verifying the filing of the income tax is very crucial as the IT Department validates the income tax returns filed by the assessee only after the individual has verified it. Given below are the steps for digital ITR verification.

  • Land on the e-filing portal of the Income Tax department.
  • On the home page of the e-filing portal, navigate to the Quick Links option.
  • From the Quick links, tap on the e-Verify Return option.
  • A page will be displayed on the screen.
  • On this page, enter the following details:
    • PAN number
    • Year of assessment
    • Acknowledgement number that has been accepted at the time of filing the ITR
  • A new page displaying the entered details will be shown on the screen.
  • Tap on the “e verify ITR” option once this page appears.
  • The online verification process will begin henceforth.
  • The next screen will display several options for the generation of e-verification code or EVC.
  • Tap a preferred method to generate the online ITR verification code.
  • Enter the code generated and tap on the submit button
  • A message will be shown on the screen stating ‘Return successfully e-verified’.
  • A transaction ID will be displayed on the screen. Click on the green button and download it.

Methods to Generate Electronic Verification Code (EVC)

The EVC or electronic verification code is a ten-digit code comprising numbers and alphabets. This code is needed for the e verification of ITR. A single EVC can verify only one ITR. Hence, for the revision of your verified ITR, you need to generate a new ITR. Given below are the different procedures using which one can generate an EVC for online ITR verification.

  • Net banking
    • Sign in to your internet banking account.
    • On the home page, click on the option of income tax filing.
    • Tap on ‘e-verify’ for verifying ITR.
    • The ITD page will be displayed on the screen.
    • Your registered email ID and mobile number will receive the EVC.
    • Confirm the ITR filing with this EVC for verifying ITR.
  • Bank ATM
    • At an ATM swipe the credit card.
    • Tap on ‘Generate pin for e-filing’.
    • The EVC will be sent to the registered mobile number.
    • Sign up to the e-filing website of the Income Tax Department.
    • Here, choose ‘e-verify using bank ATM’.
    • Provide the EVC and confirm the ITR filing.
  • Bank Account Number
    • Land on the e-filing page of the Income Tax Department.
    • Tap on e-verify return from Quick Links.
    • Enter the acknowledge number, year of assessment and PAN.
    • Tap on e-verify.
    • Tap on the option for Generating the EVC through your bank account number.
    • A screen will be displayed to pre-validate the bank account.
    • On this page, do the following:
      • Choose the bank.
      • Provide the IFSC.
      • Provide registered phone number.
    • Tap on ‘Prevalidate’.
    • A new page will appear on the screen.
    • Here, tap on ‘yes’.
    • The EVC will be messaged to the registered phone number.
    • Provide the EVC and get your return verified.
    • The attachment has to be downloaded after successful verification of e-filing.
  • Demat Account Number
    • Sign in to your Income Tax e-filing account.
    • In the dashboard, tap on ‘Profile Settings’.
    • Tap on ‘prevalidate your Demat Account’.
    • The page given below will be displayed.
    • On the next page, do the following:
      • Enter the type of Depository.
      • Client ID
      • DP ID
      • Phone Number.
      • Email Id.
    • Tap on ‘Prevalidate’.
    • Tap on ‘yes’ to get the EVC in the registered phone number.
    • To verify the return, enter the EVC.
    • The attachment must be downloaded once the ITR is verified successfully.
  • Aadhaar OTP
    • Sync your PAN and Aadhaar.
    • After successful linking, land on the Income Tax Department’s e-filing portal.
    • Here, tap on ‘E-verify using Aadhaar OTP’.
    • You will receive the OPT in your registered phone number.
    • Provide the OTP and verify the return.
    • After the successful verification, download the attachment displayed on the screen.

Step by Step Guide for Physical Verification of ITR

You can follow the steps given below for verifying ITR physically.

  • Land on the Income Tax Department e-filing website and sign up.
  • Tap on the option of ‘View returns/forms’ to check the returns filed.
  • Tap on the acknowledge number and choose Acknowledgement of ITR V.
  • Download ITR V.
  • Open the file using a password.
  • The password is a combination of the PAN number in lower case and your DOB.
  • Print the form and sign it using blue ink.
  • Send the form in 120 days from the date of filing the ITR to the following address.
    Centralised Processing Center
    Income Tax Department
    Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560500


What is E Verify in ITR?

Once you have filed for your income tax returns, it is essential to verify the ITR. E-verify in ITR means verifying your filed income tax digitally through the Income Tax Department’s e-filing website. After filing your income tax return, you need to verify it within 4 months to ensure that your income tax has been filed successfully.

Is E Verify mandatory for ITR?

Once you have filed for your returns, it is mandatory to file your returns. This is because, if you do not verify your e-returns within the stipulated time period, your ITR will become void. Moreover, you have to file for a missed deadline return along with the penalty charges.

What happens if ITR is not E verified?

Verifying your field ITR is very important. When you do not verify it on time, your filed ITR becomes null. Meaning you have to file for the return once more while paying for the penalty charges. Remember to verify your ITR within 120 days from the date of filing the ITR to avoid unnecessary hassles.

What is the last date to E Verify ITR?

The Income Tax Department gives a window of 120 days for verifying ITR. This stipulated time period is based on the date of filing the ITR. Meaning, it will be counted from the date when you have filed for your income tax returns for that fiscal year.

What happens if you verify late?

A non-verified ITR is not considered a valid return by the income tax department. When your return becomes invalid, it is considered that you have not filed for one yet. Hence, you have to file for the ITR once more as belated returns. Also, you have to pay a penalty fee for late returns.

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