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Silver Rate Today in Mangalore

Current Silver Price in Mangalore - May 2022 Trends

Last Updated 17th May 2022

Silver 999 - ₹ Per kg Silver Price
Today ₹ 63,700
Silver Rate Mangalore May 2022
Highest Rate ₹ 69,500
Lowest Rate ₹ 63,400
Average Rate ₹ 66,140

Today Silver Price Mangalore

₹ 63,700

Silver Price in Mangalore

Silver has been considered a popular metal in Mangalore, one because it is precious and secondly because it is investment friendly. However, before investing in the metals, it is important to be updated with the Silver price on a regular basis. The silver price in Mangalore is dependent on various factors such as the overseas relations and the demand and supply of it in the market. As per the current scenarios, the silver price today in Mangalore is ₹ 63,700 for 1 kg of silver.

Silver Price in Mangalore Trend

999 Silver Price in Mangalore 2022

Months Lowest Price 999 Silver - ₹ per Kg. Highest Price 999 Silver - ₹ per Kg.
May 2022 63,400 69,500
April 2022 69,000 75,200
March 2022 70,000 76,700
February 2022 64,000 72,700
January 2022 61,000 69,300

999 Silver Price in Mangalore 2021

Months Lowest Price 999 Silver - ₹ per Kg. Highest Price 999 Silver - ₹ per Kg.
December 2021 60,700 66,300
November 2021 61,600 67,200
October 2021 61,700 68,700
September 2021 60,450 65,900
August 2021 61,700 68,000
July 2021 66,400 70,600
June 2021 67,600 76,300
May 2021 67,500 74,000
April 2021 63,400 70,300
March 2021 65,400 73,200
February 2021 67,900 72,200
January 2021 63,900 71,410

Silver as an Investment in Mangalore

Silver has been a popular investment option in Mangalore from ages. It is a hard asset and real form of money that cannot be created out of paper or any digital form. Further, investment in silver is affordable and cheap that can provide good returns to silver investors. An investor can invest in silver through both small and huge investments. While small investments can be made through coins, large investments in silver can be made through silver bars. When the silver rates in Mangalore are on the rise, silver investors can earn huge from it. Thus, investment in silver metal is worth it.

Where to buy silver in Mangalore ?

When buying silver in Mangalore, it is highly recommended to approach certified and established jewellers who sell hallmark jewellery. Some of the old and reputed jewellers in Mangalore for buying silver jewellery are Abharan Jewellers, ORRA Jewellery and Lakshmi Gold Palace. Other large Stores that sell certified and hallmark jewellery in Mangalore are Apoorva Jewellers, Kalyan Jewellers and Bhima Jewellers.

About Mangalore

Mangalore is situated on the west coast of India. The city, Mangalore is popularly known for its famous bronze statues and Mangaladevi temple. The people in Mangalore purchases good amount of silver both as an valuable asset and as a safer avenue of investment. Nashik accounts for a major part of the silver transactions in India. Silver buyers in the city invest in silver as well as purchase it in the form of jewellery.


What is the price of 1 kg silver in Mangalore today?

The price of 1 kg silver in Mangalore today is ₹ 63,700 . 

What is the cost of 10 gram silver in Mangalore?

The current price of 10 gram silver in Mangalore is ₹ 637 . 

Is Silver good investment in Mangalore?

Silver is not only a good form of investment but offers many other uses such as making of jewellery and silverware, mirrors, electrical wiring and batteries, dental alloys and anti-bacterial medicines etc. Along with that, it has cheaper rates than gold.

Should I buy silver bars or coins?

Silver coins can be chosen for a small investment as it can be bought and stored easily. On the other hand, if you are planning to buy bulk stocks, silver bars must be a preferred option to get good returns.

What is the best way to invest in silver?

Silver can be invested in multiple forms such as silver bars, coins, ornaments, statues, on various commodities exchanges. However, silver commodities in digital format are considered as the preferred form of investment.

Can I buy silver from a bank?

Yes, it is easy to buy physical forms of silver like silver coins, silver bars etc. from a bank.

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