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Silver Rate Today in Bangalore

Current Silver Price in Bangalore

Last Updated 02nd Dec 2020

Silver Price Silver 999 - ₹ Per kg
Today 58,600
Silver Rate Bangalore Dec 2020
Highest Rate 58,600
Lowest Rate 58,600
Average Rate 58,600

Today Silver Price Bangalore

₹ 58,600

Silver Price in Bangalore

Silver has been considered a popular metal in Bangalore, one because it is precious and secondly because it is investment friendly. However, before investing in the metals, it is important to be updated with the Silver price on a regular basis. The silver price in Bangalore is dependent on various factors such as the overseas relations and the demand and supply of it in the market. As per the current scenarios, the silver price today in Bangalore is ₹ 58,600 for 1 kg of silver.

Historical Silver Price in Bangalore Trend

999 Silver Price in Bangalore 2020

Months Lowest Price 999 Silver - ₹ per Kg. Highest Price 999 Silver - ₹ per Kg.
December 2020 58,600 58,600
November 2020 58,600 66,900
October 2020 60,200 63,800
September 2020 57,000 69,500
August 2020 65,000 76,510
July 2020 48,510 66,050
June 2020 47,100 50,160
May 2020 41,000 50,110
April 2020 39,940 42,700
March 2020 39,480 51,080
February 2020 48,000 51,500
January 2020 48,900 51,000

999 Silver Price in Bangalore 2019

Months Lowest Price 999 Silver - ₹ per Kg. Highest Price 999 Silver - ₹ per Kg.
December 2019 46,650 49,350
November 2019 39,000 48,840
October 2019 45,750 48,950
September 2019 48,500 53,200
August 2019 44,522 49,175
July 2019 40,500 44,965
June 2019 39,459 41,066
May 2019 39,372 40,771
April 2019 40,081 40,871
March 2019 40,355 43,569
February 2019 41,149 43,988
January 2019 41,462 43,872

Silver as an Investment in Bangalore

Silver has been a popular investment option in Bangalore from ages. It is a hard asset and real form of money that cannot be created out of paper or any digital form. Further, investment in silver is affordable and cheap that can provide good returns to silver investors. An investor can invest in silver through both small and huge investments. While small investments can be made through coins, large investments in silver can be made through silver bars. When the silver rates in Bangalore are on the rise, silver investors can earn huge from it. Thus, investment in silver metal is worth it.

From where to buy silver in Bangalore

When buying silver in Bangalore, it is highly recommended to approach certified and established jewellers who sell hallmark jewellery. Some of the old and reputed jewellers in Bangalore for buying silver jewellery are Davanam Jewellers, Lalitha Jewellers, G Ratna Jewellers, Swarna Sankalp Jewels, Prakash Jewellers and Aabhushan jewellers. Other large Stores that sell certified and hallmark jewellery in Bangalore are Reliance Gems and Jewels, Goldfinch Jewellery Limited, Panchratna Jewellers, and Sona Mahar Jewellers.

About Bangalore

Silver is a very popular asset and commodity in Bangalore. India is actually the biggest consumer of silver in the world. The purchase of silver in the city Bangalore is primarily for making jewellery and ornaments. Silver being a popular commodity, it acts as means of investment for consumers in the city Bangalore. In addition to this , there are a number of silver dealers in Bangalore who form the backbone of the local jewellery industry.


What is the price of 1 kg silver in Bangalore today?

The price of 1 kg silver in Bangalore today is ₹ 58,600 . 

What is the cost of 10 gram silver in Bangalore?

The current price of 10 gram silver in Bangalore is ₹ 586 . 

What is the price of silver rate today in Bangalore?

The price of the silver rate in Bangalore today is ₹ 44,900 for 1 kg silver.

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