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Personal loan EMI Calculator India

Last Updated 24th Feb 2017
  • Loan amount – Higher the loan amount, higher will be the EMI
  • Rate of interest - Lower the interest rate, lower the EMI
  • Work profile - employees of large companies get lower rates leading to lower EMI
  • CIBIL score - High CIBIL Score helps in getting lower rates on personal loans
  • Loan Tenure - Longer the loan tenure, lower the EMI
Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Lowest Personal Loan EMI per lakh Feb 2017

Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator Interest Rates* Lowest EMI per lakh for max tenure
214 votes
11.29% - 20.00% Rs. 2,189 for 60 months Explore More
4 votes
12.50% - 16.60% Rs. 2,658 for 48 months Explore More
22 votes
11.59% - 22.00% Rs. 2,204 for 60 months Explore More
Axis Bank
37 votes
11.25% - 24.00% Rs. 2,187 for 60 months Explore More
Bajaj Finserv
30 votes
11.99% - 15.50% Rs. 2,224 for 60 months Explore More
Standard Chartered Bank
8 votes
11.49% - 20.00% Rs. 2,199 for 60 months Explore More
11 votes
11.99% - 19.50% Rs. 2,224 for 60 months Explore More
Fullerton India
4 votes
16.00% - 34.00% Rs. 2,834 for 48 months Explore More
Kotak Bank
11 votes
11.50% - 24.00% Rs. 2,199 for 60 months Explore More
47 votes
11.49% - 18.00% Rs. 2,199 for 60 months Explore More
IndusInd Bank
32 votes
11.49% - 19.00% Rs. 2,199 for 60 months Explore More
Bank of Maharashtra
0 votes
15.10% - 15.10% Rs. 3,471 for 36 months Explore More
Canara Bank
0 votes
13.65% - 13.65% Rs. 2,715 for 48 months Explore More
Dena Bank
0 votes
13.00% - 14.00% Rs. 3,369 for 36 months Explore More
Union Bank of India
1 votes
14.40% - 14.40% Rs. 2,348 for 60 months Explore More
Vijaya Bank
0 votes
12.70% - 13.70% Rs. 2,260 for 60 months Explore More
Yes Bank
0 votes
11.99% - 20.00% Rs. 2,224 for 60 months Explore More
RBL Bank
0 votes
11.99% - 20.00% Rs. 2,224 for 60 months Explore More
Tata Capital
1 votes
13.00% - 18.00% Rs. 2,007 for 72 months Explore More
Andhra Bank
0 votes
13.05% - 14.30% Rs. 2,278 for 60 months Explore More
Allahabad Bank
0 votes
13.10% - 13.10% Rs. 2,280 for 60 months Explore More
Corporation Bank
0 votes
12.75% - 13.75% Rs. 3,357 for 36 months Explore More
0 votes
13.20% - 13.75% Rs. 2,286 for 60 months Explore More
Indian Bank
0 votes
14.50% - 17.00% Rs. 3,442 for 36 months Explore More
Indian Overseas Bank
0 votes
12.70% - 15.25% Rs. 2,260 for 60 months Explore More
0 votes
12.25% - 15.25% Rs. 2,237 for 60 months Explore More
Karur Vysya Bank
0 votes
13.90% - 16.40% Rs. 3,413 for 36 months Explore More
Syndicate Bank
0 votes
14.20% - 14.20% Rs. 2,337 for 60 months Explore More
Federal Bank
0 votes
13.32% - 15.12% Rs. 2,699 for 48 months Explore More
Bank of Baroda
0 votes
11.60% - 16.60% Rs. 3,302 for 36 months Explore More

Personal Loan Calculator

EMI on Personal Loan

  • The monthly amount calculated by the EMI calculator for personal loan is the fixed money you pay to the bank towards payment of principal and interest
  • For a personal loan at 12.99% interest rate, the lowest EMI per Rs. one lakh loan amount is as below. However, the total interest you pay to the bank will increase with increase in loan tenure.
Loan Tenure 2 years 3 years 5 years
EMI amount for loan amount Rs. 1 lakh at 12.99% Rs. 4,754 Rs. 3,369 Rs. 2,275
Total amount you pay back to the bank including principal and interest Rs. 114,089 Rs. 121,281 Rs. 136,488
Interest you have to pay over loan tenure Rs. 14,089 Rs. 21,281 Rs. 36,488

Personal Loan EMI Calculator Formula

Apart from online personal loan calculator, you can also calculate your monthly EMI with a mathematical formula. The formula to calculate personal loan EMI is
P*r* (1+r)^n/([(1+r)^n]-1)
P represents the principal amount that you want to apply for
r is the rate of interest per month which is calculated as rate of annual income/ (12*100)
n is the tenure of loan in months

Personal Loan Interest Calculator – Impact on EMI

Flat rate method Vs reducing balance method
Your loan EMI will be higher in case of loan on flat rate while EMI will be lower with reducing rate.
Flat interest rate: Here the interest is calculated on the original principal amount for the entire period. So, if you opt for a personal loan of Rs. 5 lakhs at 12.50% flat rate of interest for a period of 3 years, the EMI will be Rs. 19,097. Here, the total interest per year will be 500,000* (12.50/100) = 62,500. Thus, total interest in 3 years = 62,500 * 3 = 187,500. This interest along with principal amount is distributed over the entire loan period to arrive at monthly EMI. Here the impact of repayment of capital is not considered.
Reducing balance method: In this method, the interest rate is charged only on the outstanding amount of the loan. Generally in this case the interest rate is higher than the flat rate but actually it may turn out to be cheaper as the interest is paid only on the remaining principal amount. Every month some part of EMI goes towards principal amount, thus the interest is charged on the remaining amount. Hence there will be a gradual reduction of the principal amount and as a result of the same interest will be applicable on the lesser amount. So, if you opt for a personal loan of Rs. 5 lakhs at 12.50% rate of interest for a period of 3 years, the EMI will be Rs. 16,727.

Personal Loan EMI - Modes of Payment

  • The most convenient way of paying a personal loan EMI is by way of ECS mandate in favor of the bank from whom the personal loan has been availed
  • Note that it is not necessary to hold a bank account with the same bank. One can issue an ECS mandate from one’s salary account or normal bank account
  • Key benefit of paying EMI through ECS is that there is no risk of cheque bouncing due to signature mismatch or any technical issue
  • Other modes can include post dated cheques and payments by demand drafts, though these are rarely used nowadays

Frequently Asked Questions on EMI Calculator Personal Loan

What if I miss EMI payment or there is an ECS bounce?

If you miss your EMI payment or if there is an ECS bounce then bank may charge a penalty. In addition, it will also be reflected in your CIBIL report and your CIBIL score may get impacted.

What if I get delay in paying the personal loan EMI?

Banks charges penalty for delaying EMI payment. The amount of penalty varies from bank to bank.

Why it is necessary to calculate EMI beforehand?

It is important to calculate your EMI in advance to maintain stability in future payments. When you avail loan, you promise the bank to pay a fixed amount at fixed date every month. So, before availing the loan you should consider the stability of your income, monthly expenses and the existing loan obligations to avoid any discrepancies in future payments.

Does the loan tenure affect my EMI for personal loan?

Personal loan can be availed for maximum tenure of 5 years. Tenure affects your monthly EMI. Longer the tenure of personal loan, lower will be your EMI.

How MyLoanCare EMI calculator helps in calculating EMI?

MyLoanCare EMI calculator calculates the EMIs of different banks as per the details entered by you. You can easily compare the EMIs and opt for the best option. You also get to know about the interest charged on loan amount entered.
Personal Loan EMI Calculator News - Feb 2017
22nd Feb 17 Government launches BharatQR code to encourage cashless payments
With a view of encouraging customers to go cashless, Government of India in association with National Payment Corporation of India has launched another digital payment channel BharatQR code. Customers can make payments without swiping their credit and debit card by scanning the QR code that will be generated by merchant. With QR code, government intends to replace card swiping terminals. To support the initiative, NPCI has partnered with 14 banks including RBI and ICICI Bank.
21st Feb 17 Bandhan Bank to retain its focus on retail loans
Bandhan Bank is planning to retain its focus on the retail loan segment. Currently, 91 percent of its lending portfolio is in micro loans. Leading official of the bank has hinted that the bank is planning to target the financially excluded customer segments in rural areas. With a focus on rural sector, the bank expects to grow its loan portfolio to Rs. 22,000 crore by March 2017.
21st Feb 17 Home Credit India plans to tap customers through online channels
Home Credit India, a leading NBFC in India is planning to offer financial services through online channels to Indian customers who are increasingly shifting towards online purchasing. The company expects a three- fold growth in its loan portfolio in the year 2017 as compared to Rs. 1,570 crore during 2016.
17th Feb 17 Citibank India launches instant chat service for its users
Citibank India has launched an instant chat service for its customers using net banking. The chat platform will enable its users to connect with bank executives through internet to resolve their queries related to cards, domestic and non domestic accounts, loans etc.
16th Feb 17 Yes Bank boosts debit card portfolio via contactless cards
Yes Bank has launched contactless debit cards to boost its debit card portfolio in lieu of its commitment to supporting the vision of Indian government of a cashless economy. Contactless debit cards will use radio frequency identification (RFID), Near Field Communication (NFC) and Samsung pay (MST) to enable the customers to make payments simply by waving their card over a reader at the point of sale.
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