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People who are frequent fliers have a variety of credit cards to choose from that offer a plethora of discounts and benefits. Travel credit cards not only offer extra air miles but also give discounts on hotel stays, dining, free access to airport lounges and easy transactions in foreign countries. However, there are many cardholders who are skeptical about travel rewards. They earn points and rewards, but are not aware of the process to avail it, and hence, they give up in frustration. Well, like so many other things, using credit card points is a skill that needs to be mastered. In this article, we will tell you the credit card benefits so that you can fly almost free using your credit card points:

Types of Travel Rewards Credit Cards :

The first step towards learning how to fly for free is to understand the different types of travel reward credit cards.

Airline Reward Credit Cards :

In such cards, typically you’ll earn one point on Rs. 100 spent on most purchases, and double points or miles on purchasing tickets of the airline. Some airline cards are now offering bonuses for specific purchases like restaurants or gas. These cards are a good fit for travelers who want to earn rewards with a single carrier. These cards also offer perks like free checked bags or discounts on in-flight purchases.

Convertible-Points Cards :

These cards offer rewards that can be transferred to miles with several different carriers. They also have the advantage of offering bonus points on select purchases. Points can be redeemed for travel reservations or transferred to miles with several different frequent flyer programs. One of the biggest advantages of this card is that they don’t provide airline-specific perks like free baggage check or priority service.

Fixed-Value Cards :

These cards offer you rewards that can be redeemed towards any travel reservation. This includes not just any airline, but also hotels, car rentals, and tours. Please note that you’ll never get more than a fixed value per point or mile redeemed, usually one cent each.

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Best Travel Credit Cards in India :

Here is the list of travel credit cards that would help you to save money on travelling and let you earn amazing cash-back and offers on your spending:

Citi PremierMiles Credit Card :

  • Earn 10 miles on spending Rs. 100 each time
  • Get 3,000 miles on renewal
  • Get miles redemption at over a hundred domestic and non-domestic airlines
  • Get 1 Frequent Flyer Air Mile for every 2 miles when transferring air miles to partner airlines
  • Get free lounge access
  • Earn up to 15% discount at select restaurants across the country

Yatra SBI Credit Card :

  • Earn voucher of Rs. 8250 as a welcome gift
  • Get a discount of Rs. 1,000 on booking a domestic flight ticket
  • Get a discount of Rs. 4,000 on booking an international flight ticket
  • A discount of 20% of up to Rs. 2,000 on booking a domestic hotel
  • Get a discount of 1% fuel surcharge across Indian petrol pumps

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ICICI Bank JET Sapphiro Visa Credit Card :

  • 5% discount on base fare for every domestic/international revenue bookings made online on the Jet Airways website.
  • Excess baggage allowance of 5 kg in Economy class and 10 kg in Première
  • Minimum 15% savings on dining bills.
  • 1% fuel surcharge waiver at all fuel outlets.

Air India SBI Signature Credit Card

  • 20,000 reward points at the time of card activation as a welcome gift
  • 4 reward points per Rs. 100 spent
  • 1 reward point when a ticket is booked for self and 10 reward points when the ticket is booked for others
  • Up to 10,000 bonus reward points every year
  • Customers can avail complimentary Air India Frequent Flyer Program’s membership

We have listed the best credit cards for you that come with attractive awards and cashback. On the basis of your spending and lifestyle habits, you can choose the best option for yourself and fly at discounted rates.

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