Choose the Best Travel Credit Card in 2020


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Banks offers a plethora of discounts and benefits on travel credit cards. Travel credit cards offer extra air miles and also give discounts on dining, hotel, free access to airport lounges, and secure transactions in foreign countries. However, many cardholders are skeptical about travel rewards. They earn reward points, but are not aware of the process to avail the benefit of it, and hence, they give up. Using credit card points is a skill, like so many other things, that need to be mastered. We have listed the ways below to help you choose the best credit card to travel for yourself:

Step 1: Understand there is no perfect card – There is nothing such as an ideal credit card. Every card comes with different benefits that fit different people. Ask yourself, what is your goal? Are you interested in earning rewards or avoiding fees? Do you want a card that does not come with an annual fee? These questions will help you to choose a travel card based on your lifestyle and spending habits. For example, Citi Premier Miles Credit Card can help you in getting free lounge access and up to 15% discount at select restaurants across the country. Yatra SBI Credit, on the other hand, helps you to get a discount of Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 4,000 on booking a domestic flight ticket and international flight ticket, respectively. So, by first focusing on what you want, you can maximize your short-term goals and get the hang of travel hacking.

Step 2: Sign-up bonus – A massive sign-up bonus can help you get closer to a free flight or hotel stays. These bonuses give you free points that you can further use on travel expenses, just for using their card. Don’t sign-up for a card unless you get an excellent offer on sign-up. To get massive bonuses, you must make either a single purchase or meet a minimum spending threshold at a specific time.

Step 3: Look for exclusive perks – Many credit cards offer you complimentary access to airport lounges, domestic as well as internationally. Some cards provide unlimited access to lounges worldwide. Apart from access to lounges, you may also get several other benefits, deals, and discounts that would reduce your travel costs if you plan things right. Some credit card issuers may waive off the base fare on domestic ticket prices. You may even get priority check-in and extra baggage allowance with some airlines. Some cards also provide bonus air miles on spending above a threshold.

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Step 4: Low Annual fees  It’s better to apply for a card with low or no annual fees. However, if you travel a lot, it is worth to get a card with a yearly fee. Fee-based cards give you a better rewards scheme, along with better access to services and travel protection.

Step 5: No foreign transaction fees – Credit cards are great to use if you travel abroad because you get the best possible exchange rate from them, but if you have to pay a fee every time you swipe the card, then it may be not that good for you. Nowadays, many credit card companies offer cards with no foreign transaction fees. Hence, it’s better first to compare the cards and choose as per your spending habits.

Conclusion: The tips mentioned above will surely help to choose a card that will maximize your benefits based on your spending habits. Opt for a card that comes with multiple benefits and reward points on travel. 

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