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Last Updated 09th Jul 2020

Home Loan Calculator

  • Lowest home loan EMI as on 09 Jul 2020 is Rs. 655 per lakh.
  • Banks offering lowest EMI on home loan are Bank of Baroda, UCO Bank. Check Best Offers
Loan Amount10 year loan15 year loan30 year loan
₹ 10 Lakh₹ 11,534₹ 8,905₹ 6,553
₹ 25 Lakh₹ 28,834₹ 22,262₹ 16,381
₹ 40 Lakh₹ 46,135₹ 35,619₹ 26,210
Home Loan EMI Calculator
Lowest Interest Rate
Best Offers on Home Loan offerOffers
Bank/NBFCs Rate* EMI Per Lakh* Action
SBI6.95%₹ 662Check Eligibility
HDFC6.95%₹ 662Check Eligibility
ICICI Bank8.10%₹ 741Check Eligibility

* Starting From

Home Loan EMI of All Banks in India Jul 2020

BankLowest EMI per lakhMax Tenure
SBI Home Loan Rs. 662 30 Years
HDFC Home Loan Rs. 662 30 Years
Citibank Home Loan Rs. 822 25 Years
Bank of Baroda Rs. 655 30 Years
ICICI Bank Rs. 741 30 Years
Axis Bank Rs. 713 30 Years
PNB Housing Finance Rs. 776 30 Years
LIC Housing Finance Rs. 699 30 Years
Indiabulls Rs. 856 25 Years
DBS Bank Rs. 818 20 Years
DHFL Rs. 841 30 Years
Kotak Bank Rs. 874 20 Years
Allahabad Bank Rs. 852 20 Years
Bank of Maharashtra Rs. 748 30 Years
Edelweiss Rs. 944 25 Years
IDBI Bank Rs. 751 30 Years
Karnataka Bank Rs. 772 30 Years
Reliance Capital Rs. 878 30 Years
Union Bank of India Rs. 751 30 Years
Tata Capital Rs. 808 30 Years
Andhra Bank Rs. 744 30 Years
Canara Bank Rs. 737 30 Years
DCB Bank Rs. 981 20 Years
Federal Bank Rs. 758 30 Years
Indian Bank Rs. 809 20 Years
Karur Vysya Bank Rs. 785 25 Years
OBC Rs. 772 25 Years
South Indian Bank Rs. 737 30 Years
United Bank of India Rs. 734 30 Years
IDFC First Bank Rs. 841 30 Years
Standard Chartered Bank Rs. 926 20 Years
Central Bank of India Rs. 682 30 Years
Dhan Laxmi Bank Rs. 890 20 Years
GIC Housing Finance Rs. 982 20 Years
Indian Overseas Bank Rs. 696 30 Years
Punjab and Sind Bank Rs. 737 30 Years
Syndicate Bank Rs. 734 30 Years
LT Housing Finance Rs. 870 30 Years
Piramal Housing Finance Rs. 805 30 Years
PNB Rs. 675 30 Years
Bank of India Rs. 682 30 Years
Corporation Bank Rs. 758 30 Years
HSBC Bank Rs. 815 25 Years
Jammu And Kashmir Bank Rs. 938 15 Years
Lakshmi Vilas Bank Rs. 945 20 Years
RBL Bank Rs. 941 25 Years
UCO Bank Rs. 659 30 Years
Yes Bank Rs. 898 25 Years
Bajaj Finserv Rs. 865 20 Years

Factors affecting Home loan EMI

Home Loan EMI can be calculated using an online Housing Loan Calculator which takes into account factors such as loan amount, rate of interest and the tenure for which you are planning to avail the loan.

  • Loan amount – is the amount you want to borrow to fulfil your needs. ‭‭Home loan amount depends on value of the property. Higher the loan amount, higher will be the EMI.
  • Rate of interest – is the interest charged on borrowed loan amount and is one of the components of monthly EMI along with principal repayment. Lower the home loan interest rate, lower the EMI.
  • Loan Tenure – Longest loan tenure available across banks in India for buying a house on loan is 35 years, subject to borrower’s current age and retirement age. Convenient tenure on a home loan can be calculated using home loan tenure calculator.

Housing Loan Interest Calculator
You can calculate the interest you will pay over the loan tenure, especially in long tenure home loans of 20-35 years using a home loan installment calculator which can also be called as Interest Calculator. Longer the loan tenure, higher will be the interest charges you will pay.

Following table provides a comparison of EMI and interest to be paid on a Rs. 1 lakh loan at different tenures:

Calculated Results for Home Loan EMI 5 years 10 years 15 years 35 years
EMI for a loan amount Rs. 1 lakh at 6.85% ₹ 1,973 ₹ 1,153 ₹ 890 ₹ 628
Total amount you pay back to the bank including principal and interest ₹ 1.18 Lakh ₹ 1.38 Lakh ₹ 1.60 Lakh ₹ 2.64 Lakh
Interest you have to pay during the loan tenure ₹ 18,380 ₹ 38,360 ₹ 60,200 ₹ 1.64 Lakh
  • At the lowest home loan rate of 6.85% the lowest EMI for maximum tenure of 35 years is Rs. 628 per lakh. You will pay an interest of Rs. 1.64 Lakh over a period of 35 years.
  • If you decide to take a loan for 15 years only, you will pay a higher EMI of Rs. 890. However, interest calculation comes to only Rs. 60,200 over a period of 15 years, which is significantly lower than the calculated amount for a 35 years loan.
Home Loan EMI for different loan amounts

Housing Loan EMI are equal monthly installments that you pay to the bank to repay your loan. EMI through home loan EMI calculator online is calculated using three parameters of loan amount, tenure and interest rate of the loan. The table below provides a comparison of EMI for different loan amounts and tenure at today’s best interest rate of 6.85%.

EMI for various home loan amounts15 years20 years25 years35 years
Rs. 16 LakhRs. 14,247Rs. 12,261Rs. 11,156Rs. 10,484
Rs. 20 LakhRs. 17,809Rs. 15,326Rs. 13,945Rs. 13,105
Rs. 25 LakhRs. 22,262Rs. 19,158Rs. 17,431Rs. 16,381
Rs. 30 LakhRs. 26,714Rs. 22,990Rs. 20,917Rs. 19,658
Rs. 50 LakhRs. 44,523Rs. 38,316Rs. 34,862Rs. 32,763
  • Today’s lowest EMI for a Rs. 16 lakh home loan is Rs. 10,484 at the lowest rate of 6.85% and maximum tenure of 35 years. EMI for Rs. 16 lakh home loan is Rs. 14,247 taken for a shorter period of 15 years.
  • Current EMI for Rs. 25 lakhs loan is Rs. 16,381 and EMI for Rs. 30 lakh loan is Rs. 19,658 for a 35 year loan at the minimum interest rate.

In summary, a higher loan amount taken for a shorter tenure will translate into high EMIs compared to a smaller loan amount taken for a longer tenure.

Home Loan EMI Calculator Formula

Home Loan EMI is calculated using the mathematical formula
P*r* (1+r)^n/([(1+r)^n]-1)
In above formula, P is the loan amount that you want to borrow
r is the rate of interest per month 
n is the tenure of loan repayment in months
To calculate Home Loan EMI, you can also use an online house EMI calculator in which you need to input the loan amount, rate of interest and the tenure for which you want to borrow and get the EMI and interest amount results on an immediate basis.

Why should you use an online home loan calculator?

Borrowers who are not comfortable with difficult calculations, find it easier to estimate house loan EMI by using EMIs calculators as it gives correct results and allows you to compare EMI on different home loan schemes instantly.

  • Home loan EMI calculator saves your time by calculating EMI in seconds
  • EMI manual formula is complex and chances of wrong calculation are high which may lead you to make a wrong decision. This can easily be avoided by using an online housing loan EMI calculator.
  • Any home loan borrower should know their home loan EMI in advance as this is the amount that they have to pay to the bank every month from their income.
  • The calculator allows borrowers to compare multiple EMIs for different loan tenures as well as rates and choose the loan EMI scheme that suits their monthly budget.

What is a home loan amortization calculator?

An Amortization schedule gives break-up of the monthly EMI that goes towards repaying your loan amount and paying an interest on your home loan, calculated using the home loan EMI calculator.

While each EMI is equal, the components of EMI that is the interest payment and principal payment are not the same every month. In early days of repayment, interest component is high and principal component is low. This is the reason that many times when you decide to prepay your loan during the first few years, you realise that you have repaid a very small proportion of your loan despite paying regular EMIs for years.

On an average, you repay back only 3 - 4 % of your loan in year 1 of taking a home loan and not more than 20 - 21% of your loan till year 5. Hence, it is important to understand your Amortization table, before taking a loan.

  • In the above illustration, on a home loan of Rs. 10 lakh, EMI calculated using home loan EMI calculator is Rs. 9,847. However, at the end of year 1, only 30% of your EMIs are used to repay the loan with the remaining 70% going as interest payment. Hence, you end up repaying 3.4% of the loan amount of Rs. 10 lakh despite paying 12 EMIs during first year.
  • In year 2024 (year 5), on the same loan, interest comprises 59% of total EMI payments with the rest 41% constituted by principal repayments. Upto year 5, you cumulatively repay only 20.6 % of your total loan after paying house loan EMIs for 5 year or 60 months. If you decide to close or transfer your loan at this stage, you will have to prepay 79.4% of our original loan amount.
  • In year 15, interest component is around 4% while principal component is around 96%. Upto year 15, you have cumulatively repaid 100% of your total loan.

Home Loan Repayment Calculator

Home loan repayment is the term referred for paying back the loan amount to the lender. Repayment of home loan is made through EMIs or installments, with every EMI constituting principal amount and interest amount. Interest rate, loan amount and loan tenure are to be inputted for calculating a loan EMI. The repayment of a home loan is an essential responsibility that a borrower needs to fulfil as a single delay in repayment can significantly reduce the credit score. Hence, it is extremely essential to calculate the comfortable amount of Home loan repayment or EMI once can pay before deciding the loan amount by using Home loan repayment calculator or Home loan EMI calculators. Please remember that a home loan repayment is different from a home loan prepayment. While prepayment is paying the loan in advance, repayment is paying the loan on scheduled time.

Suppose you take a loan of Rs. 10 Lakh for 10 years at an interest rate of 8.50%. Your EMI of the loan is Rs. 12,399 per month and tha annual total of EMI is Rs. 1.48 lakh. This is how your original loan schedule looks like till Year 5. On loan amount of Rs. 10 Lakh, you make payment of Rs. 12,399 every month and annual payment of Rs. 1,48,788. By the end of year 5, you have outstanding principal of Rs. 6.04 lakh and you have to pay another 60 home loan EMIs to fully pay down your loan. The original schedule of you loan till year 5, has been shown in the table below:

Original Schedule
Loan AmountRs. 10 Lakh
Tenure (in months)120
Interest Rate8.50%
Monthly EMI, Rs.12,399
Loan schedule Principal repaid Principal outstanding
Year 166,3279.33 Lakh
Year 272,1908.61 Lakh
Year 378,5717.82 Lakh
Year 485,5166.97 Lakh
Year 593,0756.04 Lakh

Now at the end of year 5, you have a surplus amount of Rs. 2.50 Lakh and you decide to prepay the loan. Now there can be two scenarios:

Scenario 1: What will happen if I prepay my home loan and opt to reduce my loan tenure, while keeping the house loan EMI unchanged

If you have Rs. 2,50,000 as surplus amount and decide to keep the EMI same and reduce the tenure, this is what will happen.

At the end of 5 years, when you prepay an amount of Rs. 2.50 Lakh, outstanding principal is reduced to Rs. 3.54 Lakh in comparison to Rs. 6.04 Lakh in your original schedule. If you opt to reduce your loan tenure, at the end of 5 years you are left to pay only 33 more home loan EMIs compared to 60 EMIs as per your original loan schedule. You repay back your complete loan in 27 months less than the original loan schedule with while paying a constant instalment or EMI of Rs. 12,399. Please refer to table below to understand the EMI calculations in case of a prepayment, done using Home loan EMI calculator:

Revised Schedule, after prepayment of Rs. 2,50,000 at the end of year 5
Option 1: Same EMI, shorter tenure
Loan AmountRs. 10 Lakh
Tenure (in months)93
Interest Rate8.50%
Monthly EMI, Rs.12,399
Early Payment, Rs.2.50 Lakh in 5th year
Loan schedule Principal repaid Principal outstanding
Year 166,3279.33 Lakh
Year 272,1908.61 Lakh
Year 378,5717.82 Lakh
Year 485,5166.97 Lakh
Year 534,30753.54 Lakh

Scenario 2: What will happen if I prepay my home loan and opt to reduce my EMI, while keeping the loan tenure unchanged

In the same illustration, as your loan outstanding reduces and you opt to reduce EMI, your revised home loan EMI stands at Rs. 7,269, compared to Rs. 12,399 earlier. Your remaining loan tenure remains unchanged at 60 months and you pay an EMI of Rs. 7,269 which is lower by Rs. 5,130 as per your original loan Amortization schedule. Please refer to table below to understand the EMI calculations through home EMI calculators in case of a prepayment under Option 2:

Revised Schedule, after prepayment of Rs. 2.50 Lakh at the end of year 5
Option 2: Same tenure, lower EMI
Loan AmountRs. 10 Lakh
Tenure (in months)120
Interest Rate8.50%
Early Payment, Rs.2.50 Lakh in 5th year
Loan schedule Monthly EMI Principal repaid Principal outstanding
Year 112,39966,3279.33 Lakh
Year 212,39972,1908.61 Lakh
Year 312,39978,5717.82 Lakh
Year 412,39985,5166.97 Lakh
Year 512,3993.43 lakh3.54 Lakh
Year 67,26959,3952.94 Lakh

When I prepay my loan, should I opt for a lower EMI or reduce my loan tenure?

Process for stopping EMI payments during Coronavirus Lockdown

The RBI on 22nd May 2020 has extended the moratorium in repayment of EMIs for next months till August 2020. The earlier deadline for EMI moratorium was 31st May 2020 which now makes it a total of 6 months of moratorium. This extension means that borrowers may not pay any EMI for next three months subject to bank approval. After RBI's announcement of moratorium on 27 March 2020, all banks have announced the option to opt-in or opt-out for the moratorium option. Under this policy, your EMI will be deferred and the repayment period will be extended accordingly. Along with it, the interest on working capital loans has also been deferred due to the impact of the pandemic. It is important to note that this delay in repayment of Home Loan EMI's will not be treated as default and will not have any negative impact on the borrower's credit score. To know more about the moratorium option, you may contact your bank’s customer care or its nearest branch.

FAQs on Housing Loan EMI Calculator

What is the full form of EMI?

Full Form of EMI is Equated Monthly Installments which is calculated using loan amount, interest rate and loan tenure.

What is the meaning of EMI?

EMI means equal instalments to be paid by the borrower over the loan tenure and is calculated in a manner that the borrower repays back his loan and pays calculated interest on the loan amount during the loan period?

What is Home Loan EMI?

Home Loan EMI is the monthly amount that the borrower must pay to the lender to repay his loan amount and pay interest on the loan amount. Every EMI has two components which include the outstanding loan amount and interest. These two components keep changing in every EMI, but the EMI remains same throughout the loan tenure.

How to calculate home loan EMI?

  • Home Loan EMI Calculator uses combination of loan amount, loan tenure and interest rate to calculate housing loan EMI instantly.
  • Home EMI calculator also tells you how much interest you would pay over the life of the loan. Longer the loan tenure, more the amount of interest for the same loan amount and interest rate.

How long can I take a home loan for?

The maximum tenure available for home loan is 35 years. If you apply for a longer repayment tenure, your EMI for loan will be less. However, longer loan tenure increases the amount of interest payment which makes your loan repayment costly.

How much should I pay as a monthly EMI?

Monthly EMI depends upon your income and expenses. Generally, banks advise you to limit your EMI to 35 to 45% of your net income so that you can pay your EMI without any burden or difficulty. You can calculate home loan EMI online using the home loan EMI calculator which will help you to know your repayment capacity.

Is the home loan EMI fixed or can it change in future?

Home Loan EMI is fixed only in the case of fixed rate loans. In the case of floating rate loans, EMI will increase or decrease as per the changes in Repo Rate Linked Rate of banks. After the recent RBI announcements, any increase or decrease in repo rate as announced in the bilateral monetary policy will result in the same rate changes for existing home loan borrowers. Apart from floating rate loans, EMIs change for partly disbursed loans availed under tranched EMI scheme, your loan EMI will increase with each disbursement and payment you make to your developer. Your EMIs might also change in a scenario when you decide to prepay a certain percentage of loan amount during the loan tenure. Some banks may also have clauses in the loan agreement which allows them to reset the benchmark rates and spreads under special circumstances.

Can I reduce my home loan EMI?

Yes, you can reduce your home loan EMI by making a prepayment for a certain amount. The higher the prepayment you make, the more outstanding the principal will reduce.

What is the EMI for a Rs. 20 lakhs home loan?

The home loan EMI varies from bank to bank based on rate of interest and tenure. The EMI for Rs. 20 lakhs loan for top banks will be as following:

SBI6.95%13,239 for 30 years
HDFC6.95%13,239 for 30 years
ICICI Bank8.10%14,815 for 30 years
Axis Bank7.75%14,328 for 30 years

What will be the EMI for 30 lakhs home loan?

The EMI for 30 lakhs will be different for different tenure. Based on the Home Loan interest rate of 6.85%, here is a comparison of EMIs for different tenure:

5 Years ₹ 59,192
15 Years ₹ 26,714
30 Years ₹ 19,658

Can we stop home loan EMI for a few months?

Banks do not allow you to stop paying EMI for a few months and will count it as a loan default in case you fail to pay regularly. However, you can opt for special home loan schemes by various banks like SBI Flexipay, in which you pay interest based on the amount you withdraw from the overdraft account.

How is Home Loan EMI calculated?

To calculate the EMI of home loan you require following data:
P Principal amount
R = Rate of interest
N = Tenure of loan
EMI = P*R*(1+R)^N/ [(1+R)^N-1]

You can also calculate your home loan EMI using the housing loan EMI calculator online to save time and get accurate results.

What happens if you stop paying home loan EMI?

If you stop paying home loan EMI, the bank will contact you through all available channels and remind you to pay your EMI. If, even after multiple reminders, you do not pay your EMI for 3-4 months, then your loan account will be reported as a NPA and the banks may initiate legal proceedings to recover their dues. This will also result in a lower CIBIL score, which may make it difficult for you to get a loan in the future.

How do you calculate home loan interest?

Housing loan interest for reducing method is calculated based using the formula:

(P x I) x ((1 + r)n)/ (t x ((1 + r)n)- 1)
P is borrowed principal amount
I is the interest rate per annum
r is the periodic monthly interest rate
n is the number of monthly payments
t is the number of months in a year
You can use a housing loan EMI calculator to calculate the interest component in EMI.

What is a pre-EMI on a home loan?

In a pre-EMI interest scheme, the bank offers the home loan borrower an option to pay only monthly interest on the loan disbursed till the completion of the property. In this case, the principal the EMIs (which consists of the interest component and principal repayment) on the loan commences only after the loan gets disbursed completely. Since no principal is being repaid, the pre EMI amount is always less than the regular EMI.

What is the minimum salary for a home loan?

The minimum salary requirement for a home loan is Rs 25,000.

Is it good to repay a home loan early?

Making a full or partial repayment of a home loan is beneficial as borrowers can get rid of a long time loan burden. Also, it helps the borrowers from hefty interest rates and EMIs that are to be paid regularly.

How are home loan repayments calculated?

Home loan repayments can be calculated using the home loan repayment calculator or a home loan EMI calculator. It is calculated using the principal amount, interest rate, tenure, and the amount paid in advance.

Can you get a home loan with a foreclosure?

Yes, you can get a home loan with a foreclosure. However, the lenders usually charge a foreclosure fee from the borrower for foreclosing a loan.

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