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GST Verification

Last Updated 19th Jan 2022

  • GSTIN stands for Goods and Services Tax Identification Number
  • The GST number is a fifteen digit alphanumeric number in nature, unique to all GST taxpayers.
  • GST number search can be done online using the PAN number or the name along with the state code.
  • GST verification helps one detect fraudulent business units by identifying the manipulated GST numbers.
  • Gst verification and application can be made online on the official GST portal.
  • Verifying GST number is essential for all business entities.
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What is GSTIN?

GSTIN stands for Goods and Services Tax Identification Number. It is a fifteen digit alphanumeric number given to every entity who pays the GST tax and is allotted after the completion of the GST registration. This GST number is given to the GST taxpayer along with the GST registration certificate. The GSTIN number functions the same way, like the TIN, allotted for the payment of VAT or the value-added tax.

GST Number Format

Gst number format is broken down into the alphanumeric form. It can be disintegrated as follows:

  • The first two digits of the GST number is numeric and represents the state in which the concerned business is operated.
  • The next ten digits that are from third to ten digits of the GST number represent the detail of the GST paying individual or entity, and thus is the PAN number of the entity.
  • Further, the thirteenth number is the indication of the frequency of the registration done by the business entity. As per the regulations, a total of up to 35 registrations are allowed per entity. For the first nine registrations, the code is allotted in numbers from 1 to 9; after the tenth registration, the code is allotted from the alphabet A.
  • The fourteenth digit is kept Z by default in each case.
  • Lastly, the fifteenth digit is the check code, allotted in number or in alphabets.

GST Number Search

The GST number search is an online tool available on the official GST portal of the Government of India which is https://www.gst.gov.in/. Through this tool, one can easily get access to the GSTIN number free of cost. On this portal, you can search your GST number through either PAN or name.

GST Number Search by PAN

  • Visit the official website of GST that is https://www.gst.gov.in/.
  • On the home page, look out for the option, ‘Search Taxpayer’ and click on it.
  • Further, choose the option ‘Search by PAN’.
  • As you click on this, the page loads to a new page, wherein you need to enter your Permanent Account Number or PAN and the captcha code.
  • After entering the details properly, click on ‘Search’ to get your GSTIN number.

GST Number Search by Name

  • Look out for an online GST search tool by name.
  • On the tool, type the name of the company, the business unit or the individual for which you require the GST number.
  • Proceed further, by entering the state code or state name to look out for the registration of the business unit within the state.
  • Click on ‘Search’ to get your GSTIN number.

GST Number Verification Online

Gst verification is an important thing for all GST taxpayers. The GST number verification helps the taxpayer to cross-check the authenticity of other business units and the relevance of one’s own business. The GST online verification is free of cost and a reliable tool that gives accurate results in no time.

Benefits of GSTIN Verification Tool

The GSTIN verification tool offers several benefits, as listed below:

  • Verifying the GST number helps you identify the authenticity of a business unit that you need to deal with.
  • GST number verification helps verify the hand-written invoices.
  • At times, many fraud business units tend to manipulate the GST number on the Invoice. In such situations verifying GST numbers online can help one locate the reliability of a business.
  • In addition to these, GST number verification helps one to check whether the details of one’s business unit have been updated correctly on the GST portal or not.

How to use GSTIN Search & Verification tool?

GSTIN search and verification tool can be accessed online on the official GST portal. It can be done by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit the official GST portal, i.e. https://www.gst.gov.in/.
  • On the home page, look out for the option, ‘Search TaxPayer’.
  • After clicking the above mentioned, choose the option ‘Search GSTIN/UIN’.
  • Proceed further and enter the required details like the GSTIN/UIN number and the captcha code.
  • After entering the details, click on ‘Search’ to find the GST number.

On entering the correct details, you can verify various details such as the name of the business, Date of registration of the business, State of business operation, GSTIN and UIN status, the type of GST taxpayer and the type of business constitution such as partnership, sole-proprietorship or company name.

How to Apply for GST Number?

You can apply for a GST number by visiting the official GST portal and following the steps as mentioned below:

  • On the homepage of the GST portal, look out for the option ‘Services’ and click on it.
  • As you click on it, choose the option ‘Registration’ and under it click on ‘New registration’.
  • On the new registration form, enter the required details like the name, state, district, name of the business unit, PAN number, captcha code, email address and mobile number.
  • After entering the details, click on ‘proceed’.
  • As you click on proceed, you will be redirected to the next page, wherein, enter the OTP received on the email and the mobile respectively.
  • Ensure entering the OTP within ten minutes, as it expires after that.
  • As you successfully enter the OTP, the screen will display a TRN or the Temporary reference number. Note the TRN number for future reference.
  • Further, go back to the home page and click again on the ‘services’ option, and then on ‘registration.’
  • Further, click on ‘New registration number’ and choose the option ‘Temporary reference number.’
  • Enter the OTP, the TRN along with the captcha code and the new OTP.
  • On entering the details precisely, you will now be directed to the ‘My Saved Application’ page. Here you will find a form that needs to be submitted within the next fifteen days.
  • Fill this form with required details and attest with scanned copies of the bank account number, proof of business existence, IFSC code, and PAN number amongst others.
  • Proceed further by filing the enrollment form and click on ‘Save and Continue’. Also, attach the proof of business on the Business and Promoters/Partners tab.
  • Get the form attested by an authorised signatory under the ‘Authorized Signatory’ section. This can be done with an e-sign or via DSC. You can digitally sign your signature using the same way.
  • On filling the form, you will receive an Application Reference Number or the ARN on the mobile number and the email. This will help you further to sign your application.
  • Once the form is submitted successfully, you will be assigned a GST number as a GST officer approves it.
  • On approval of the form and the allotment of the GST number, you will be notified of the same via the email and the mobile number. Along with this, you will also be given a temporary password and username, that will be used to log in.
  • The password then can be reset by clicking on ‘First-time login.’
  • The GST registration certificate can then be downloaded within 3-5 days from the ‘Services’ tab by clicking on the option ‘user service’ and then on ‘View on Download Certificates’.

Why is it important to verify GST or GST Numbers?

Verifying GST number is important as it helps you to identify the real versus the fraud business dealers. In case the GST verification is not done, there are chances that funds used in business dealings end up landing in wrong hands. Thereby, skipping GST verification might lead to the misuse of funds, which are ideal to be used for the development of the country.

Know More About GST


How do I find my GST number?

You can find your GST number by visiting the official GST portal under the section ‘Search taxpayer’. In addition to that, GST number search by name is also possible using online GST search trackers.

What is a GST number?

A GST number is a fifteen digit alphanumeric number allotted to GST taxpayers whether individuals or business entities.

How many days do I get a GST number?

You can get a GST number within 3-5 days of completion of the registration and application process for GSTIN number.

What is GSTIN?

GSTIN stands for Goods and services tax Identification number The GST no. is allotted to GST payers in a similar way to how the TIN number was allotted for VAT.

How to get GSTIN?

You can get your GSTIN by either name or PAN details. For getting GST number by name you can use the online GST number search by name applications and for getting GST no. by PAN, you can visit the GST official portal.

What does GSTIN contain?

GSTIN is an alphanumeric number in fifteen digits. Here, the first two digits are the state code; the next ten digits are the PAN number of the GST payer, the thirteenth number is the frequency of registration, the fourteenth number is the letter Z by default, and the last digit is the check code.

How do I get a GSTIN number?

You can get a GST number using the name of the entity paying GST or the PAN details. However, to get a GST number search by name you need to mention the state code as well.

How do I search by GSTIN by name?

To search the GSTIN by name, you can check it to any online GST search by name application tracker. However, to search GSTIN by name, it is important to mention the state of operation for the taxpaying entity.

How can I check my GST details?

You can check your GST details by visiting the online GST portal of the Government of India. Here, GST details can be checked under the head ‘Search Taxpayer’, by clicking on ‘Search by GSTIN/UIN.’

What does the GSTIN number look like?

GSTIN number is an alphanumeric number in fifteen digits. The first two digits in the format are the state code; the next ten digits are the PAN number of the GST payer, the thirteenth number is the frequency of registration made by the taxpayer, the fourteenth number is the letter Z set by default, and the last digit is the check code.

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