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Today’s Gold Rate in Vadodara

Gold Price in Vadodara

Last Updated 27th Jan 2021

The gold price in Vadodara for 22-carat gold is ₹ 49,440 and for 24-carat gold is ₹ 50,440.

Gold Price 24 Carat Gold – ₹ per 10 grams 22 Carat Gold – ₹ per 10 grams
Today 50,440 49,440
Gold Rate Vadodara Jan 2021
Highest Rate 52,580 50,580
Lowest Rate 50,440 48,450
Average Rate 51,061 49,209

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Today Gold Price Vadodara

₹ 49,440

Gold Price Today in Vadodara

Gold holds a special place in Indian households due to the fact that it is both auspicious when it comes to cultural connotations but also holds a great investment portfolio. Thereby it is largely consumed across the country, including Vadodara. No matter what the situation of the economy is, gold consumption never stops and thereby is important to be informed of the changing gold rates in Vadodara. The gold rates in Vadodara are dependent on various factors such as inflation, demand and supply of gold, international relations or rupee-dollar equation. The gold price in Vadodara today is ₹ 49,440 for 22-carat gold, whereas for 24-carat gold it is ₹ 50,440.

Historical Price of Gold Rate in Vadodara

24 Carat Gold Price in Vadodara 2021

Months Lowest Price 24 Carat Gold – ₹ per 10 grams Highest Price 24 Carat Gold – ₹ per 10 grams
January 2021
50,440 52,580

24 Carat Gold Price in Vadodara 2020

Months Lowest Price 24 Carat Gold – ₹ per 10 grams Highest Price 24 Carat Gold – ₹ per 10 grams
December 2020
49,690 51,600
November 2020
49,730 52,990
October 2020
50,370 51,820
September 2020
50,930 53,970
August 2020
51,300 56,000
July 2020
48,310 53,480
June 2020
46,200 49,970
May 2020
45,500 47,960
April 2020
41,800 47,910
March 2020
40,340 43,700
February 2020
40,450 42,690
January 2020
39,150 41,630

22 Carat Gold Price in Vadodara 2021

Months Lowest Price 22 Carat Gold – ₹ per 10 grams Highest Price 22 Carat Gold – ₹ per 10 grams
January 2021 48,450 50,580

22 Carat Gold Price in Vadodara 2020

Months Lowest Price 22 Carat Gold – ₹ per 10 grams Highest Price 22 Carat Gold – ₹ per 10 grams
December 2020 47,740 49,600
November 2020 47,730 50,990
October 2020 48,860 50,550
September 2020 48,300 50,580
August 2020 49,720 54,400
July 2020 46,850 52,050
June 2020 44,820 47,230
May 2020 44,200 46,560
April 2020 40,530 46,160
March 2020 39,550 42,830
February 2020 39,650 41,850
January 2020 38,370 40,530

From where to buy gold jewellery in Vadodara

When buying gold in Vadodara, it is highly recommended to approach certified and established jewellers who sell hallmark jewellery. Some of the old and reputed jewellers in Vadodara for buying gold jewellery are . Other large Stores that sell certified and hallmark jewellery in Vadodara are .

List of banks providing gold loan in Vadodara

Customers who own gold jewellery can always approach a bank or a gold loan company to get a loan against jewellery to meet any urgent personal or business expense. Some of the large banks and gold loan NBFCs in Vadodara that provide loan against gold jewellery are:


What is the gold price in Vadodara for 916 hallmark gold?

The gold price in Vadodara for 916 hallmark gold is ₹ 49,440. The 916 KDM gold price is same as 22-carat hallmark gold.

What is the price of 1 gram gold in Vadodara today?

The price of 1 gm gold in Vadodara today is ₹ 5,044 for 24 carats of gold and ₹ 49,440 for 22 carats gold. 

What is the rate of 23-carat gold in Vadodara?

The rate of hallmark gold of 23-carat in Vadodara is ₹ 50,440.

How is today’s gold rate in Vadodara 916 determined?

The gold rates in Vadodara is determined based on various factors such as the interest rates in the developed countries, demand for gold wherein a lower demand for gold leads to low prices and higher demand leads to high prices. Further, the gold price in Vadodara is also affected by Government policies related to tariffs on gold, and the tariffs charged by the Local Governments.

What is the important checklist for buying gold in Vadodara?

Checklist for buying gold in Vadodara involves being mindful of the following things:

  • Check the gold price per gram: Checking out the gold price per gram is important, as you won’t end up paying more than the actual price. However, check the price from an authentic and reliable source.
  • Know about different purity levels: Before buying gold, it is important that the gold buyer is aware of different purity levels in gold, such as 24 carats or 100% gold, and 22 carats or 91.6% gold. Research about the purity level and pre deicide the level you wish to for based on factors like price and usage of gold.
  • Ensure certification: Ensuring the certification of gold is the most important aspect to check the quality and purity of gold. Ensure that you buy hallmark gold or the gold with the BIS mark.
  • Be aware of the buy-back terms: Lastly, be aware of the lender’s buy-back policy that is the terms on the exchange of gold years later. Know whether the seller will obtain the gold at the same price or whether any cost-cutting is involved.
  • Collect bill: Most importantly, after buying the gold, do not forget to collect a bill form the seller. Collecting the bill will allow you to take actions if the gold is impure or lacks in quality as promised by the seller.

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