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Canara Gold Loan Interest Rate

Last Updated 09th Oct 2017

Canara Bank Gold Loan Interest Rates Oct 2017

Gold Loan Loan Details
Interest Rate 12.65%
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Processing Fee 1% of the loan amount, min Rs. 1,000 and max Rs. 5,000 per loan
Loan Tenure 12 months
Gold Loan per gram Rs. 1,737 to Rs. 2,123 depending on the purity of gold
Loan Amount Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1,000,000
Prepayment Charges
  • Canara gold loan interest rate starts at 12.65% which is one of the lowest gold loan rates in India
  • Canara is one of the best banks to take jewel loan as it offers highest gold loan per gram of Rs. 2,123
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Canara Gold Loan

Gold Loans are loans availed by pledging your gold ornaments with a bank. Canara gold loan can be taken for meeting urgent personal expenses like children education, marriage and other financial emergencies in the family as well as for business purposes. The gold mortgaged itself acts as a security to the loan. Taking a loan from Canara has the following benefits:

  • Hassle-free, quick loan
  • Complete safety of your gold ornaments

Gold loan interest rate in Canara depends upon

  • Loan Amount: The amount of gold loan you can avail depends the weight of jewelry you can pledge with the bank. Generally, banks offer a jewel loan per gram of gold which differs by the purity of gold and loan to value ratio offered. Banks offer lower interest rates for higher amount. Canara Bank offers loan between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 1,000,000 amount.
  • Relationship with the Bank: Canara Bank offers special rates, offers and charges to the existing account holders of the bank. Those who have made their payments on time in the past can get the benefit of low gold loan interest rate from Canara Bank. Bank offers jewel loan at rates of 12.65% to 12.65%.
  • Loan tenure: Many banks charge higher rate of interest for gold loans of lower tenure and lower interest rate for gold loans of higher tenure. Canara Bank offers gold loan with a tenure of to 12 months.
  • Loan to Value ratio: Maximum loan to value ratio on gold jewelry has been fixed at 75% by RBI. However, Canara Bank also offers loans at lower LTVs. Interest rate on loans with lower LTV will be lower compared to loans with higher LTV. Maximum LTV offered by Canara Bank is 75% calculated on net weight of gold in your jewelry.
Other Charges

In addition to interest rates, Gold loan Canara Bank also carry some other charges which include:

  • Processing fees – Canara Bank charges minimum processing fees 1% of the loan amount, min Rs. 1,000 and max Rs. 5,000 per loan. To get lowest fee, gold loan interest rates comparison, offers and cashback applying online through MyLoanCare.
  • Prepayment and foreclosure – Banks typically levy prepayment or foreclosure charges i.e. .

Canara Gold Loan per gram

Your gold loan amount eligibility is measured in terms of gold loan rate per gram you will get on the basis of the weight and gold price of your jewelry adjusted for loan to value ratio.

Gold loan per gram is determined by multiplying the weight of gold by price of gold as adjusted for purity and LTV (loan to value) offered by Canara Bank. For a 22 carat gold jewelry of 10 gram and a maximum LTV of 75% you can get a gold loan per gram of Rs. 2,123 from Canara Bank

The table below gives the key loan parameters of Gold Loan Canara Bank

Parameter Eligibility Criteria
Age Any individual with an age of 18 years and above
Profession Salaried, self-employed professionals and businessmen. Gold loans are available for agriculture and non-agriculture purposes
Loan Amount Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1,000,000
LTV Upto 75% of gold. Some schemes are offered at lower LTVs as well
Quality of gold Gold ornaments should range in between 18 to 24 Carats
Type of gold accepted as security Gold ornaments with 18 carat purity and bank's special minted coins upto 50 grams weight
Gold Price Average gold price of 22 carat gold of past 30 days. Average price of 10 gm 22 carat gold for past 30 days is Rs. 28,308

Your loan eligibility calculated as gold loan per gram in Canara Bank is calculated based on the following parameters:

  • Quantity and quality of gold pledged: Gold loan per gram depends upon the weight and assessment of purity of the gold jewelers that is being pledged. Gold ornaments Carat-age should be in the range of 18 to 24 Carats. Both hallmarked jewelry and non-hallmarked jewelry can be used for availing jewelry loan.
  • Gold loan rate per gram: Canara Bank will value the jewelry based on price of 22 carat gold adjusted for purity. Canara Bank use thirty days average rates of 22 carat gold prices. You can also check today's gold rate at MyLoanCare
  • Form of gold pledged: You can get loan from Canara Bank against jewellery or ornaments with a purity of 18 carats or more and specially minted gold coins with a weight of up to 50 grams. You will not be eligible for loan against gold bars, ETFs (exchange traded funds), specially minted coins of more than 50 grams and ladies mangal sutra.
  • Purpose for which loan is used: You can use the loan from Canara Bank for personal, business and agricultural purposes. However, Canara Bank does not allow to use gold loan for speculative purposes such as purchase of gold coins, jewels, land, and investment in stocks, futures and options.

Canara gold loan per gram for 18 carat, 20 carat and 22 carat jewelry

The following table gives an approximate estimate of gold loan per gram Canara Bank will offer against gold jewelry of different purity levels at a maximum LTV of 75% and lower LTV of 65%.

Gold Purity Gold rate per gram- average of past 30 days Canara Bank best Gold Loan per gram Canara Bank lowest Gold Loan per gram
22 carat 28,308 2,123 1,840
20 carat 25,734 1,930 1,673
18 carat 23,161 1,737 1,505

The above table shows the method by which Canara Bank will calculate your per gram gold loan for gold of varying purity.

  • Gold loan per gram in Canara Bank offer for 22 carat jewelry will be between Rs. 1,840 to Rs. 2,123
  • Canara Bank gold loan per gram offer for 20 carat jewelry will be between Rs. 1,673 to Rs. 1,930
  • Gold loan per gram offer of Canara Bank for 18 carat jewelry will be between Rs. 1,505 to Rs. 1,737

Gold Loan Schemes of Canara

Canara Bank offers several gold loan products to meet your various product requirements. These include loans with different repayment options

    Gold Loan Calculator Canara

    Eligibility or gold loan per gram is completely dependent on the assessment of weight and purity of the gold jewelry that is being pledged. Once you approach a bank or a gold loan company, it will conduct a valuation of your gold jewelry and then apply a LTV of up to 75% of the calculated value of the jewelry to be pledged to arrive at the eligibility. The value of gold jewelry and the eligibility is calculated based the following steps:

    Step 1: The bank or financial institution will test the level of gold purity and adjust the price of pledged gold in proportion of its purity.

    Purity of gold is defined in carat, which means parts of gold. A 100 % pure gold is defined as 24 carat gold. So, 18 carat gold would mean an 18 carat of gold mixed with 6 carat of other metals.

    The bank or gold company will adjust the value (price of gold) of jewellery for its purity. The price of 22 carat gold of last 30 days will be adjusted proportionately for the purity of gold pledged. For instance, the value/price of a 18 carat gold will be calculated by multiplying the average price of 22 carat gold for the last 30 days by multiplying it by 18/22.

    Banks use 30 days average rates of 22 carat gold prices as directed by RBI. The rates used are as published daily by Bombay bullion's association.

    Step2: Weight of gold jewellery is netted off for weight of stones and gems

    The bank will measure the net weight of your gold jewellery by deducting the weight of the stones and gems that have been used in the gold jewellery. So, if you intend to use your diamond jewellery for pawn, the bank will deduct the weight of diamond from the total weight of the jewelry to calculate the net weight of gold in your jewelry.

    Step 3: Bank will calculate the value of the jewellery as eligible for loan and apply a LTV to arrive at your gold loan amount eligibility

    The bank will calculate the value of the jewellery to be pledged by multiplying the net weight of your gold jewellery as calculated in Step 2 above with the adjusted price of gold as calculated in Step 1 above.
    The bank will then apply a LTV to the calculated value of jewelry to calculate your eligibility.
    Banks are allowed to lend at a maximum LTV of 75%. However there are multiple schemes with LTVs between 60 - 75% on offer by leading loan providers. Higher the LTV, higher the interest rate charged.

    Canara Gold Loan EMI Calculator

    Gold Loan EMI of Canara Bank is a fixed amount that you pay each month towards the repayment of your jewel loan. The following table is illustrative and is applicable only if the bank offers EMI scheme on gold loan. Lowest EMI offered by Canara Bank is Rs. 8,915 per lakh loan amount at lowest gold loan interest rate of 12.65%. Gold loan EMI of Canara Bank depends upon:

    • Rate of interest: Higher the interest rate, higher will be the EMI. For a 12 months gold loan from Canara Bank at interest rate of 12.65% per annum, EMI will be Rs. 8,915 per Rs. one lakh loan amount. At interest rate of 12.65% for the same loan, the EMI will be Rs. 8,915
    • Loan tenure: Longer the loan tenure, lesser your monthly EMI. At 12.65% per annum, the EMI would range from Rs. 0 to Rs. 8,915 for loan tenure ranging from to 12 months

    Use EMI Calculator to calculate your interest on gold loan at different tenure

    Gold Loan EMI for Rs. 1 Lakh loan amount at lowest 12.65% interest rate offered by Canara Bank for different tenures
    6 months 12 months
    Canara Bank EMI for a loan amount Rs. 1 lakh at 12.65% 17,287 8,915
    Total amount you pay back to the bank including principal and interest 103,722 106,980
    Interest you have to pay over loan tenure 3,722 6,980

    As you can see in the above table that longer the loan tenure, lower is the EMI you pay on gold loan. However, your total interest outgo is significantly higher in case of long tenure loan. In the above example, if you take a Rs. 1,00,000 loan for a period of 12 months, the lowest EMI you will pay of Rs. 8,915. However, you pay an interest of Rs. 6,980 on a Rs. 1,00,000 loan.

    In comparison, if you take a Rs. 1,00,000 loan from Canara Bank at the lowest interest rate for a period of 6 months, your monthly EMI will be as high as Rs. 17,287 and pay an interest of only Rs. 3,722 which is less than what you paid in a 12 months loan. Hence, you must choose your loan tenure wisely as longer tenure leads to high interest cost.

    Documents Required for Canara Gold Loan

    The documentation process of Canara Bank is smooth. You need to submit one proof of identity and one proof of address to get a gold loan. The list of identity and address proofs are as follows:

    • Identity proof: PAN Card, Driving License, Passport, Voter’s ID Card, Aadhar Card
    • Address proof: Voter’s ID Card, Aadhar Card, Rent Agreement, Utility Bills, Bank Statement

    Compare Gold Loan Interest Rates of Canara with other banks

    Frequently Asked Questions on Canara Bank Gold Loan

    What is the gold loan interest rate in Canara Bank ?

    At the current rates, Canara Bank are in the range of 12.65% to 12.65%.These gold loan are determined on the basis of loan amount, loan to value ratio, existing relationship of the customer with the bank and loan tenure

    What is the best gold loan rate per gram in Canara Bank?

    If you apply for a gold loan with Canara Bank, you will get a gold loan per gram of Rs. 2,123 on a piece of 22 carat gold calculated on the basis of today’s gold prices. Today gold rate is Rs. 28,308 for 10 grams of 22 carat jewellery.

    What is the lowest EMI per lakh on Canara gold loan?

    If you apply for loan against gold from Canara Bank, your lowest EMI per lakh will be Rs. 8,915.

    What is the minimum and maximum tenure of Canara Bank jewel loan?

    You can repay your jewel loan from Canara in a flexible period of maximum 12 months.

    How much gold loan amount I can borrow from Canara Bank?

    Canara Bank offers you loan against gold for a upto a minimum amount of Rs. 10,000 to a maximum amount of Rs. 1,000,000.

    How much processing fee is charged by Canara Bank on jewel loan?

    Canara Bank charges a processing fee on gold loan- 1% of the loan amount, min Rs. 1,000 and max Rs. 5,000 per loan

    Are there any prepayment charges on gold loan?

    Yes, you can prepay your jewel loan. Applicable prepayment charges - .

    Is gold loan Canara Bank available online? Is there a Canara Bank gold loan online payment facility?

    Yes, you can avail gold loan online in Canara Bank. Yes, the bank offers Canara Bank gold loan online payment facility.

    Canara Bank Gold Loan

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