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Deutsche Bank Interest Rates on FD, Oct 2017

Last Updated 10th Oct 2017

Fixed Deposit Interest Rate of Deutsche

Tenure General Rates Senior Citizen Rates
7 days 4.00% 4.00%
8 days to 29 days 4.50% 4.50%
30 days to 45 days 4.75% 4.75%
46 days to 59 days 5.00% 5.00%
60 days to 89 days 5.25% 5.25%
90 days to 99 days 5.25% 5.75%
100 days 5.70% 6.20%
101 days to 180 days 5.75% 6.25%
181 days to 270 days 5.95% 6.45%
271 days to 1 year 6.00% 6.50%
1 year 1 day to 2 years 6.90% 6.90%
2 years 1 day to 3 years 7.00% 7.00%
3 years 1 day to 4 years 7.00% 7.25%
4 years 1 day to 4 years 364 days 7.25% 7.50%
5 years 7.50% 7.25%

The above rates are applicable for deposits of below Rs. 1 crore.

Deutsche Bank FD Maturity Calculator

Deutsche Bank FD Interest Rates

Deutsche Bank offers multiple fixed deposit options to their customers to park their surplus savings for a fixed tenure. A customer is required to make a deposit once into their FD account at the time of opening the account with the bank. The customer is not allowed to deposit more money and withdraw any money in the account during the tenure of the deposit. Fixed Deposits of Deutsche Bank have a higher interest rate compared to their saving deposits. Benefits of opening a FD account in Deutsche Bank are:

  • Avail overdraft upto 95 per cent against your fixed deposit at competitive rates
  • Nomination facility is available
  • Opportunity to earn higher rate of interest on your deposit

Deutsche Bank Fixed Deposit Rates

The factors affecting Fixed Deposit interest rates are as follows:

Policies Framed by RBI – As per RBI guidelines, the change in Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) and repo rate affects the interest rate of all banking instruments including the fixed deposit.

Recession – Recession results in a decrease in the interest rate offered on fixed deposit. At the time of recession, RBI is forced to release the funds in the market which it achieves by lowering the rates on cash reserve of the banks and hence, providing them with additional liquidity. As a result of high liquidity and low credit demand, banks reduce the rates on FD.

Inflation – Inflation has a positive effect on a fixed deposit interest rate. Banks typically fix interest rates of FD in a manner that it is higher than the existing inflation rates. Hence, FD rates tend to be higher in a period of rising inflation.

Current State of Economy – Economic condition of the country is the major factor that affects the fixed deposit interest rate. In a booming economy, people need and are willing to take larger credit to meet their personal and business requirements. In periods of high credit demand, banks offer higher interest rate to garner more funds through fixed deposits.

Fixed Deposit Schemes Deutsche Bank

Resident Deposit


  • A type of fixed deposit scheme which gives you freedom to choose the amount and the tenure that suits you the best and earn high interest rate.
  • Loan facility upto 95 per cent is available on the deposit
  • Nomination facility is available

Who is eligible?

    NRE Fixed Deposit


    • The NRE fixed deposit accounts are primarily targeted at NRIs whose income comes from outside India and who are interested in conveniently transferring their foreign earnings to Indian accounts
    • Interest income on balance is exempt from tax
    • Availability of auto renewal facility on the deposit

    Who is eligible?

      NRO Fixed Deposit


      • The NRO fixed deposit account is meant for NRIs to manage their income in India from other countries. The funds are held in INR and provide a convenient way for NRIs to consolidate their earnings in India.
      • Interest on the deposit is credited every three months or at the time of maturity
      • An ideal investment option for savings and income arising out of India
      • There is no interest for deposits withdrawn before 7 days

      Who is eligible?

        Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit


        • A fixed deposit to facilitate senior citizens 60 years and above with maximum returns on fixed deposits.
        • Loan facility upto 95 per cent is available on the deposit
        • Nomination facility is available
        • Flexibility to choose interest payout frequency on your fixed deposit as per your convenience
        • Availability of auto sweep in facility

        Who is eligible?

        • Resident Indians above 60 years of age

        Tax Saver Deposit


        • A flexible and secured fixed deposit scheme with dual benefits of tax exemption under section 80C and attractive returns.
        • TDS facility available on the deposit
        • Nomination facility is available
        • Interest will be compounded on a quarterly basis
        • Availability of auto renewal facility

        Who is eligible?

        • Resident Indians and hindu undivided family

        Regular Fixed Deposits


        • With this deposit scheme, a depositor has the freedom to choose the amount as well as the tenure that yields a higher interest rate.?
        • Avail overdraft upto 95 per cent against your fixed deposit at competitive rates
        • Nomination facility is available
        • Opportunity to earn higher rate of interest on your deposit

        Who is eligible?

          Deutsche Bank FD Interest Calculator

          Deutsche Bank fixed deposit rates calculator helps you to calculate maturity value of your deposited amount at the interest rate offered compounded at quarterly. FD maturity amount that you will get depends on the following four parameters

          • Deposit amount – This is the initial amount deposited by a customer in Deutsche Bank. Bank may offer higher interest rate on larger deposits. Deutsche Bank offers deposit amount in the range of Rs. 20,000 to .
          • Rate of Interest - Interest rate is the rate charged by the bank on your fixed deposit. Deutsche Bank offers a higher rate of interest on fixed deposits of longer tenure and lower interest rate on deposits held for a shorter period. Highest interest rate offered by Deutsche Bank is 7.50% for deposit amount below Rs. 1 crore and the lowest interest rate offered by Deutsche Bank is 4.00%
          • Period of deposit - Bank offers low interest rate for short tenure FDs and higher interest rate for long tenure FDs. Bank offers a rate of 4.00% for a 7 Days FD and a rate of 4.00% for a 4 Years Years FD.
          • Interest Compounding Frequency - This calculates maturity amount based on monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual frequency.

          Illustration: Mr. A opens a FD account of Rs. 1 lakh with a tenure of 7 Days at an interest rate of 4.00%. In this case, the maturity amount at the end of 7 Days will be Rs. 100,076 and includes the principal and total interest earned on the principal amount during the period at Rs. 76. Similarly, you can calculate the interest and maturity amount for higher tenures by using FD calculators.

          Deutsche Bank calculates interest earned on its fixed deposits on quarterly basis.

          FD in Deutsche Bank – Premature Withdrawal

          Premature closure of Term Deposit with Deutsche Bank is along with the lower interest rate of 1% than the contracted rate. The penal provisions for premature closure on Deutsche Bank FD are subject to change from time to time and may also vary with deposit schemes.

          Loan against Fixed Deposit Deutsche Bank

          Deutsche Bank offers loan up to 95% against its own deposit. Note that Deutsche Bank will not give you loan against FD of any other bank.

          Maximum loan tenure is restricted up to the maximum tenure of the FD.

          Illustration - Mr. Rahul has opened a fixed deposit of Rs. 100,000 for 2 years in Deutsche Bank. The borrower later decided to take loan against his FD. The bank has approved a credit limit of 95% against his FD at 10% interest rate. Now, if the borrower draws Rs. 95,000 on the first of the month and then repays the money on the 1st of next month, then he is supposed to pay the interest on Rs. 95,000 availed for 1 month only. The amount he repays after 1 month is Rs. 95,785. So, the interest charged on the loan taken is Rs. 785.

          Documents required to open Fixed Deposit Account in Deutsche Bank

            PAN Card2 Photographs

          FAQs on Deutsche Bank Fixed Deposit

          What is the highest interest earned on Deutsche Bank fixed deposit?

          You can earn a maximum interest of 7.50% on Deutsche Bank fixed deposit.

          Are there any extra benefits for senior citizens on fixed deposit of Deutsche Bank?

          Yes, senior citizens get a higher rate on their deposits compared to FD rates. The rate of regular FD are in the range of 4.00% to 7.50%. Compared to this, the rate of senior citizens FD are in the range of 4.00% to 7.50%.

          What is the tenure range for Deutsche Bank Fixed Deposit?

          The tenure ranges from 7 days to 5 years.

          Is there any minimum amount that I have to give for opening a Fixed Deposit with Deutsche Bank?

          The minimum deposit amount required to book an FD with Deutsche Bank is Rs. 20,000.

          Can I deposit additional amount in my FD account?

          No, you cannot deposit any additional amount in your existing FD account as you are allowed to deposit only once at the time of opening the account. If you want to invest any additional amount in FD, you are required to open a new FD account.

          Who is eligible for opening an FD account in Deutsche Bank?

          All resident individuals, HUFs, NRIs, Firms including minors are eligible to open a fixed deposit account.

          What documents are required to open an FD account in Deutsche Bank?

          The documents required to open an FD account in Deutsche Bank includes PAN Card2 Photographs.

          Is it possible to change the tenure of my existing fixed deposit account with Deutsche Bank?

          No, it is not possible to alter the tenure selected for the fixed deposit account once the account is opened. However, you may close your existing fixed deposit account and can open a new account with a desired tenure of your choice.

          What are the implications of opening an FD bank account without having PAN?

          Following are the implications for the customers opening an FD account with Deutsche Bank without their PAN card

          • TDS will be deducted at the rate of 20% as against 10% under section 206AA
          • NO TDS credit from the Income Tax department
          • NO TDS certificate will be issued
          • Form 15G/H and other exemption certificates will be invalid and penal TDS will apply
          Deutsche Bank Fixed Deposit

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