PNB Housing Finance FD Calculator

FD Calculator PNB Housing Finance in India Jul 2020

Tenure Rates Maturity Amount for Rs. 1 Lakh
12 months to 23 months 7.20% to 7.45% Rs. 107,397 - Rs.115,198
24 months to 35 months 7.30% to 7.55% Rs. 115,567 - Rs.124,378
36 months to 47 months 7.60% to 7.85% Rs. 125,340 - Rs.135,592
48 months to 59 months 7.70% to 7.95% Rs. 135,672 - Rs.147,262
PNB Housing Finance FD Maturity Calculator
FD Offers with High Returns offerOffers
Bank/NBFCs Rate Tenure Action
Bajaj Finance7.35%60 MonthsAPPLY
PNB Housing Finance8.00%120 MonthsAPPLY

PNB Housing Finance Fixed Deposit Calculator

PNB Housing Finance, a leading HFC in India offers attractive interest rates upto 7.75% on its fixed deposits.
FD maturity amount that you will get depends upon

  • Deposit amount
  • Rate of interest
  • FD tenure
  • Compounding frequency
  • TDS applicability and TDS rate

PNB Housing Finance Fixed Deposit Interest Calculator

  • In a periodic interest payout option, PNB Housing Finance would transfer the interest earned at each interval (say, quarterly) to your bank account. The interest would remain the same across the life of the deposit. On maturity, unless the deposit is renewed, would transfer the principal amount to your bank account.
  • In case you opt for a PNB Housing Finance cumulative deposit, on maturity you would get a credit for the principal and interest earned net of TDS.
  • Calculate the FD maturity amount using the FD calculator.

Tax on Fixed Deposit PNB

  • In case the interest earned by you across all your fixed deposits across all branches of PNB Housing Finance in a year exceeds 40,000, the bank must deduct TDS at 10%. In case your IT PAN is not updated in the PNB Housing Finance records, it must deduct twice the TDS at 20%. So, do remember to update your PAN on your FD.
  • Sorry, but we aren’t done with tax yet. This was only the TDS. Now, you would need to add the interest income on all your PNB Housing Finance FD’s and other FD’s to your taxable income for the year. Based upon your tax bracket, income tax is payable on this income. Remember that you must estimate the interest income and all your other incomes and, based on this, pay advance tax on advance tax payment dates (15th Sep, 15th Dec, 15th March and 31st March).

PNB Housing Finance FD Interest Rate Calculator

  • Keep your KYC documents - PAN card, address proof and photo ready.
  • To know more or apply, contact any of the branches of PNB Housing Finance in your city

PNB Housing Finance Fixed Deposit during Coronavirus

RBI has announced a repo rate cut of 75 bps in response to coronavirus lockdown. In response to this rate cut, PNB Housing Finance may reduce FD rates in the near future which could adversely impact the interests of fixed depositors.

Frequently Asked Questions on FD Calculator PNB Housing Finance

What is the highest interest earned on PNB Housing Finance fixed deposit?

You can earn a maximum interest of 6.25% on PNB Housing Finance fixed deposit.

How is PNB Housing Finance FD interest calculated?

The formula to calculate interest on PNB Housing Finance FD is
A = P(1+r/n)^nt
Here: A = Maturity amount
P = Invested amount
r = Interest rate as decimal
n = number of times interest is compunded
t = tenure of deposit
However, you can use online FD calculator to estimate the value of interest earned on the deposited amount.

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