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EPF Member Passbook

EPF Passbook - Details

Last Updated 16th Apr 2021

Account Number 12 digit account number
UAN Universal Account Number, 1 for each member
Basic Details Establishment ID, DOB, Member’s Name
Opening Balance Closing balance of previous financial year
Withdrawal Any amount withdrawn during the year
Monthly Contribution Separate contribution of employee and employer
Interest Interest earned on employee and employer’s contribution
Closing Balance Sum of employee, employer’s contribution and interest earned
  • The EPF contribution has been revised to 12% from August 1 which was reduced to 10% during the Covid period to tide over the immediate liquidity crisis.

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Calculate EPF Maturity Amount
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Bank/NBFCs Rate Tenure Action
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EPF Passbook

EPF passbook is an online facility provided by EPFO. It is similar to bank passbook, as it helps a person in knowing various transactions of its EPF account. You can easily check your account statement and even download or print it. This online EPF member passbook can also be accessed through the EPFO app. Although, before downloading the EPFO passbooks, you need to activate your UAN (Universal Account Number), which is allotted by EPFO. Hence, it is also called the UAN passbook.

Components of UAN Member Passbook

1. EPF Account Number: One of the first and important components of a UAN passbook is the EPF account number. The account number of registered organizations is in alphanumeric format, which represents the state, regional office, code of establishment, and member code. Let's take a sample PF number to understand this better. 
Sample PF number: MH BAN 0064780 000 0001249
- MH represents 'Maharashtra.'
- BAN represents 'Bandra', which is the regional office.
- Next 7 numbers represent establishment ID '0064780'
- The next 3 numbers represent the establishment extension ID. If no extension is provided, then it is 000.
- The last 7 numbers represent member ID '0001249'

2. UAN: Universal Account Number (UAN) is a unique 12 digit number that is mandatory for each new member and organization to get when they join EPF. The member IDs are linked to UAN, and it serves as an identification number for your account and further transactions.

3. Basic Details: The passbook also contains the basic details like name and address of establishment with establishment ID, member's name, date of birth, organization joining date, etc.

4. Opening Balance: The passbook also shows the opening balance under both columns of employee and employer. The opening balance includes total contribution along with interest earned in the previous financial year.

5. Monthly Contribution: The month's contribution by both employee and employer is shown. Contribution to EPS is reflected seperately.

6. Interest: The interest on PF is calculated on the running balance of each month, and it's credited at the end of the year for employee and employer's contribution. The rate of interest on which the interest is credited will be mentioned in the passbook.

7. Withdrawals: In case you have made any withdrawal during the year, then that will also be shown in the EPF passbook.

8. Closing Balance: The closing balance includes the total of employee's contribution plus interest earned and total employer's contribution plus interest. This balance will be carried forward as an opening balance for the next year.

9. Voluntary Provident Fund: Employee has an option to contribute more than the mandatory share of 12% towards EPF. The excess contribution made is covered under a Voluntary Provident Fund and is shown separately in the passbook.

Process To Download EPF Passbook and Check PF Balance

The process to download EPF passbook is simple and can be done through EPF portal. The following points you need to keep in mind for EPF passbook download:

  • Only the members who have activated the UAN can download EPF passbook from EPF portal.
  • The PF passbook check will be available only after 6 hours of registering or activation of your account.
  • Any changes that are made through the portal are only reflected after 6 hours.
  • Make sure that entries in your EPF member passbook is consistent with the entries made by EPFO field officer.
  • The facility of EPF passbook login is not available for settled members, inoperative members, and exempted establishments.

The procedure you need to follow to download UAN passbook are:

Step 1: First of all, visit the site. Next, click on 'e-Passbook' option.

Step 2: In the next tab, enter UAN, password, and captcha and click on 'Login.'

Step 3: In the next page, all member Ids will be displayed in case the member have multiple Ids. You need to click on the member ID related to which you want to download the EPF passbook.

After you click on the Member ID, the account details related to that number will be displayed along with basic details and share of contribution from employee and employer. You can also download the statement or take its print.


How can I check my EPF passbook?

You can check your EPF passbook by using your UAN, password to login into the 'e-passbook' section on EPF portal.

Is it possible to view the online EPF passbook without activating UAN?

No, it is not possible to view or download EPF passbook online without activating Universal Account Number (UAN). Whether through the online website or through the UMANG app, UAN is mandatory.

How can I check my PF balance without a password?

To check your PF balance without a password, you need to visit and choose 'forgot password' in the login area. After that, follow the required steps to change your password and use the new password to login to your account and check the PF balance.

Is the password required to open EPF passbook document?

No, you only need the password to log in through UAN. To open document, no password is required.

How can I get my EPF statement?

After logging in to your EPF account through UAN, you can choose latest EPF statement from My Account option. You can print and even save the statement.

Can I download my passbook?

Yes, you can download your EPFO passbooks in the following manner:

  • Log in to your account using UAN, password, and captcha.
  • Choose the 'Download Passbook' option from 'Download' in the menu.
  • You can also download the passbook in PDF version.

Who all enjoy the EPF passbook facility?

Members who have registered with the EPFO portal can download the EPF passbook.

How much time does it take for any update to show in EPF passbook?

For any update, it takes at least 6 hours to get reflected on online records.

What is UAN?

UAN (Universal Account Number), is the 12 digits unique number that is provided to each member of EPFO with which all transactions related to EPF are managed.

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