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CRIF Score

CRIF Highmark

Last Updated 22nd Jan 2022

  • CRIF Highmark is one of the credit bureaus in India which provides the service of credit report and credit score for individuals and companies.
  • The credit score for individuals provided by CRIF high mark ranges from 300 to 900.
  • The closer a credit score is to 900, the higher is the creditworthiness of an individual. The range from 750 to 900 is considered excellent.
  • After the first credit report of the year, for every next report and credit score, CRIF Highmark charges ₹ 399.
  • The company Highmark was founded in 2007 which was acquired by CRIF in 2014 to form CRIF Highmark.
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What is CRIF Highmark?

CRIF Highmark is one of India’s leading credit bureau which provides credit score and credit history-related information on individual borrowers and companies. Highmark was founded in 2007 and received its license to operate as a credit bureau from RBI in 2010. Later on, CRIF purchased a majority stake in Highmark in 2014 which led to the change in name to CRIF Highmark. It is currently based in Mumbai.

It offers services to the commercial sector, microfinance portfolio, retail sector, agricultural and rural sector. CRIF Highmark also provides credit score and credit report to individuals, commercial and microfinance applicants. Various banks and NBFCs are its members and provide data on each customer related to their credit activity.

CRIF High Mark Credit Score Meaning

In the case of individuals, CRIF high mark credit score ranges between 300 to 900. The credit score reflects the creditworthiness of an individual along with providing an idea of how likely he/she can default for the loan in the next 12 months. The closer an individual score is to 900, the lesser are the chances of default and the more it indicates high creditworthiness.

What is the CRIF High Mark Credit Score Range?

Like other credit bureaus in India, the credit score of CRIF Highmark ranges between 300 to 900. This range can be further classified into four different sets:

  • 300-600 (Poor): The credit score in this range indicates that the individual is highly likely to default on its loan and has a bad track record of repaying the availed credit with poor credit history. Lenders do not provide loans to individuals with credit scores in this range.
  • 600-680 (Fair): The credit score within this range indicates that the individual has a record of some late payments and minor defaults. A customer with a track record of delayed payments is also a risky venture for the banks and financial institutions. Thus, on most occasions, no credit will be advanced on such a credit score. However, in cases where credit is advanced, the interest rate will be high, and other terms and conditions of flexibility in repayment will be stricter.
  • 680-750 (Good): The credit score of 750 is considered ideal by banks and financial institutions. The customers with credit scores in this range reflect that they have the history of making timely payments with a decent mix of secured and unsecured credit. Lenders consider individuals with credit scores in this range as good customers. However, the individuals in this range may also have had a few late payments or a brief period of having outstanding borrowing more than their credit limit.
  • 750-900 (Excellent): The individuals with credit scores in this range are considered extremely trustworthy and least risky. These individuals have displayed excellent credit repayment practice and have never defaulted on any loan payments. They know how to handle credit wisely, and that’s why lenders are always willing to lend to these individuals with attractive offers as well.

How can I check my CRIF High Mark credit score?

Apart from CRIF High mark, there are other credit bureaus in India as well like Equifax, CIBIL, etc. As per the guidelines of RBI, these credit bureaus need to provide free credit reports at least once a year to individuals. Thus, if you wish to know your credit score or read your credit report, you can visit the official website of CRIF Highmark and apply for the credit report.

After entering the required information, you will receive the credit score along with a detailed credit report in your email. The process of applying for a credit report is quick and straightforward. Along with receiving the report in the mail, you can also apply to receive the printed version via post, and the report will be sent to the address mentioned in your address proof document.

Factors that affect a CRIF High Mark score

Credit score holds high importance for lenders when it comes to assessing applications for new credit or loan. Before lending, it is crucial to know about the creditworthiness of an individual and the extent of risk involved. Thus, to provide the best picture, the following factors are considered while calculating a CRIF Highmark score:

  • Credit History's Length: A long credit history assures the banks and financial institutions for having detailed information regarding your ability to handle credit. Thus, it is an important factor to be taken into consideration while calculating the CRIF high mark score.
  • Hard Enquiries: A hard enquiry is the one when a lender enquires about your credit history. The lender does that only when you apply for new credit or loan. One or few hard enquiries spread over some time do not have much impact. However, if there are too many of them in a short span of time, then it shows that you're credit-hungry. Multiple hard enquiries have a negative impact on your score.
  • Negative Issues: Things like payment default, 'Written off', 'Settled' status on past accounts, foreclosure is reflected with a negative mark. In your credit report, these negative marks appear in detail. A high number of such marks means poor handling of credit and affects the score negatively.
  • Timely Payments: One of the most crucial factors to have a good score is to make timely payments. If you have a record of making your monthly debt payments on time, then it has a positive impact on your score and also gains you the confidence of lenders that you are extremely likely to make timely payments of the loan you intend to avail.
  • Credit Mix: It means the portion of various types of credit being availed by an individual over a period of time. For a short length credit history, credit mix does not hold much importance, but for long credit history, having a mix of various credit types is essential. If an individual only has one or two credit's history for a long period, then it reflects improper management of finances, and it has a bad impact on your score as well.

Crif Highmark vs CIBIL

CRIF Highmark and CIBIL are two credit bureaus in India. Both these bureaus provide the service of credit score and credit report to individuals and companies. The following are the differentiating factors between CRIF Highmark and CIBIL:

  • Founded: The CIBIL or TransUnion CIBIL was founded in the year 2000, whereas Highmark was founded in 2007 and it became CRIF Highmark in 2014.
  • Cost: The first report of the year is free on both platforms. CIBIL provides both a credit report and score for Rs. 550, just a credit report is provided for Rs. 164. It also offers Bi-Annual and Quarterly subscription for Rs. 800 and Rs. 1,200 respectively. While CRIF charges Rs. 399 for both credit score and report.
  • Duration for Generating Report: CIBIL requires about 7 days to verify your documents after which log-in details of myCIBIL portal are shared with you either through post or registered email address.
    In the case of CRIF, you will receive the credit report in your registered email after successfully answering the questions related credit report.
  • Dispute Resolution: In case of CIBIL, if you received your report on myCIBIL portal and then log-in to file for the dispute resolution. If you have received the CIBIL report through a lender website, then you can apply for the free CIBIL report and then use that to log-in to myCIBIL and file for the complaint.

In case of a CRIF score, you can write an email to them and state your query, or call them on 020-67057878.


What is a good CRIF score?

The credit score given by CRIF High mark based on an individual's credit history is the CRIF score.

What is the difference between Experian and CRIF score?

The differentiating factors between Experian and CRIF are:

  • Cost: Apart from one free credit report, Experian charges Rs. 399 for both credit score and report. The charges for credit report alone is Rs. 138. On the other hand, CRIF charges Rs. 399 for both credit score and report.
    To get an Experian credit report for free, you can also apply through our website. There are no charges irrespective of the number of times you pull your credit report.
  • Report Generation: Experian dispatches the credit report within 20 days after receiving the documents and payment. CRIF, on the other hand, sends the credit report to the registered email address.

How do I improve my CRIF score?

To improve your CRIF score, you can follow these tips:

  • Make your monthly debt payments on time without fail.
  • Check your credit report properly and identify the negative marks due to which your score is down.
  • In case you have defaulted on any credit, repay it in full.
  • Make sure to mix your credit history with both secured and unsecured types of credit.
  • Do not apply for a new loan until your credit score has crossed 750 mark.

Are there any other charges I need to pay to get my credit report from CRIF High Mark?

As per the guidelines of RBI, the first credit report you pull from any credit bureau is free. After that CRIF High Mark charges Rs. 399 for both credit score and report.

Should I check my CRIF High Mark score before applying for a loan?

Yes, you should check your credit score before applying for any loan or credit card to know your sco.

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Our News - Jan 2022
  • 2021-07-12 : Half of India working population credit active: CIBIL report
    Half of the working population of 400 million people in the country is credit active, having at least one loan or credit card. Credit institutions are fast approaching a saturation level in new customers as over half of the borrowers are from the existing customer base of a bank, the report by Transunion CIBIL said. India’s overall working population was estimated to be at 400.7 million as of January 2021, while the retail credit market has 200 million unique individuals who are credit active.
  • 2021-06-23 : TU Cibil to provide lenders score of first-time borrowers
    TransUnion Cibil will now be able to help a lender assess the eligibility of new-to-credit or first-time borrowers — who have never taken a loan or credit card from banks or financial institutions. The new service incorporates an algorithm that uses an adaptive machine learning framework for continuously monitoring behavioural trends of similar data subjects and preparing the required credit reports. According to Cibil, this will enable first-time borrowers to get credit.
  • 2021-01-07 : 66.66% of borrowers unaware of their CIBIL score
    A report stated that two out of three borrowers in India are unaware of their CIBIL score. CIBIL Score is the indicator of creditworthiness, CIBIL score helps in gauging the creditworthiness of borrowers.
  • 2019-07-08 : Bank of Baroda and CRISIL signs MoU to assess the credit quality of SMEs
    To assess the credit quality customers in the small and medium enterprises (SME) segment, Bank of Baroda and CRISIL have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU). CRISIL will assess the SMEs by analyzing the data streams through its digital platform its proprietary platform for data and analytics. This facility will be available for both existing and prospective customers from the SME segment, the lender said.
  • 2019-05-27 : Allahabad Bank offers a concession on home loan interest rate to those having a good credit score
    Private sector lender, Allahabad Bank is offering a concession of 10 basis points to its home loan borrowers. The discount is available to only those borrowers who are having a credit score of above 750 from CIBIL and CRIF Highmark. Currently, the lender is offering 8.85% on home loans up to Rs. 25 lakh and 9.10% above Rs. 3 crores.
*Terms and conditions apply. Credit at sole discretion of lender, which is subject to credit appraisal, eligibility check, rates, charges and terms. Information displayed is indicative and collected from public sources. Read More
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