Standard Chartered Bank Bajaj World Card 2017

Joining feesRs. 2,999
First Year Annual Fees Nil
Renewal Fees from 2nd Year Rs. 2,999
Interest Rate/ Finance Charges per month3.10%
Brand Partner N/A
Late Payment Charges NIL

Eligibility Criteria for Standard Chartered Bank Bajaj World Card

Standard Chartered Bank Bajaj World Card Features

    Benefits of Standard Chartered Bank Bajaj World Card

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        Frequently Asked Questions on Standard Chartered Bank Bajaj World Card

        What charges I need to pay as joining fee for Standard Chartered Bank Bajaj World Card?

        Standard Chartered Bank Bajaj World Card charge a joining fee of Rs. 2,999.

        What is the annual fee for Standard Chartered Bank Bajaj World Card?

        Annual fee charged on Standard Chartered Bank Bajaj World Card is Nil.

        Can I waive off my annual fee on Standard Chartered Bank Bajaj World Card?

        No, there is no waiver on your Standard Chartered Bank Bajaj World Card annual fee.

        Is there any late payment charge on Standard Chartered Bank Bajaj World Card?

        No, Standard Chartered Bank does not charge any late payment fee on your Bajaj World Card.

        What is the second year renewal fee on Standard Chartered Bank Bajaj World Card?

        Standard Chartered Bank Bajaj World Card charges a second year renewal fee of Rs. 2,999.

        What is the interest charge per month on Standard Chartered Bank Bajaj World Card?

        Standard Chartered Bank Bajaj World Card charges an interest of 3.10% per month.

        Standard Chartered Bank Bajaj World Card customer care no.

        City Customer Care Number, Email Id
        Agra 0522-6601444/ 0522-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Ahmedabad 079-66014444/ 079-39404444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Ambala 0183-6601444/ 0183-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Anand 079-66014444/ 079-39404444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Aurangabad 0712-6601444/ 0712-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Bangalore 080-66014444/ 080-39404444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Bhilai 1800-345-1000, [at] sc [dot] com
        Bhilwara 0141-6601444/ 0141-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Bhiwadi 0712-6601444/ 0712-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Bhopal 0755-6601444/ 0755-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Bhubaneswar Cuttack 0674-6601444/ 0674-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Bikaner 0141-6601444/ 0141-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Chandigarh 0172-6601444/ 0172-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Chennai 044-66014444/ 044-39404444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Cochin 0484-6601444/ 0484-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Coimbatore 0422-6601444/ 0422-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Dehradun 1800-345-1000, [at] sc [dot] com
        Delhi 011-66014444/ 011-39404444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Durg 1800-345-1000, [at] sc [dot] com
        Faridabad 0183-6601444/ 0183-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Gandhinagar 079-66014444/ 079-39404444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Ghaziabad 0522-6601444/ 0522-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Goa 1800-345-1000, [at] sc [dot] com
        Greater Noida 011-39404444/ 011-66014444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Gurgaon 011-39404444/ 011-66014444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Guwahati 1800-345-1000, [at] sc [dot] com
        Gwalior 0755-6601444/ 0755-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Hyderabad 040-66014444/ 040-39404444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Indore 0731-6601444/ 0731-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Jabalpur 0755-6601444/ 0755-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Jaipur 0141-6601444/ 0141-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Jalandhar 0181-6601444/ 0181-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Jodhpur 0141-6601444/ 0141-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Kanpur 0512-6601444/ 0512-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Karnal 0183-6601444/ 0183-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Kolhapur 0712-6601444/ 0712-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Kolkata 033-66014444/ 033-39404444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Kota 0141-6601444/ 0141-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Kozhikode 1800-345-1000, [at] sc [dot] com
        Lucknow 0522-6601444/ 0522-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Ludhiana 0161-6601444/ 0161-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Madurai 044-66014444/ 044-39404444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Meerut 0522-6601444/ 0522-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Mehsana 079-66014444/ 079-39404444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Mohali Sas Nagar 0172-6601444/ 0172-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Mumbai 022-66014444/ 022-39404444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Mussoorie 1800-345-1000, [at] sc [dot] com
        Nagpur 0712-6601444/ 0712-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Nashik 0712-6601444/ 0712-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Noida 011-39404444/ 011-66014444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Noida Extn. 011-39404444/ 011-66014444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Panipat 0183-6601444/ 0183-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Patna 0612-6601444/ 0612-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Pondicherry 1800-345-1000, [at] sc [dot] com
        Pune 020-66014444/ 020-39404444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Raipur 1800-345-1000, [at] sc [dot] com
        Rajkot 0281-6601444/ 0281-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Ranchi 1800-345-1000, [at] sc [dot] com
        Rohtak 0183-6601444/ 0183-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Roorkee 1800-345-1000, [at] sc [dot] com
        Salem 044-66014444/ 044-39404444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Shimla 1800-345-1000, [at] sc [dot] com
        Sonepat 0183-6601444/ 0183-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Surat 0261-6601444/ 0261-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Trichy 044-66014444/ 044-39404444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Udaipur 0141-6601444/ 0141-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Vadodara 0265-6601444/ 0265-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Varanasi 0522-6601444/ 0522-3940444, [at] sc [dot] com
        Vijaywada 1800-345-1000, [at] sc [dot] com
        Vizag 1800-345-1000, [at] sc [dot] com

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        News - Feb 2017
        27th Feb 17 IDBI Bank is set to receive Rs. 3,000 crore bailout package from government
        The Central Government of India is set to invest Rs. 3,000 crore in IDBI Bank as a bailout package. The infusion of funds is expected to help the bank in maintaining its capital adequacy ratio and revive its falling credit growth. Earlier the bank has received approval from board of directors to divest some of its non core activities through which the bank expects to raise Rs. 5,000 crore.
        27th Feb 17 Private Equity Firm True North plans to buy major stake in Home First Finance Company for Rs. 600 crore
        Private equity firm, True North is likely to buy a major stake in a mortgage firm Home First Finance Company (HFFC) for Rs. 600 crore. True North is expected to invest half of the amount in the company and remaining funds will be paid to the existing shareholders of the company. HFFC primarily deals in providing affordable home loans to low and middle income customers who are first time home buyers.
        27th Feb 17 Piramal ties up with CDPQ for realty investments in five major Indian cities
        Piramal Enterprises have entered into strategic partnership with Ivanhoe Cambridge, subsidiary of CDPQ, to provide equity capital to residential developers across five major Indian cities. The funds will be invested in select developers with demonstrated execution track record, focus corporate governance and ability to generate strong returns. The investment fund is likely to be focused on the real estate projects in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune.
        27th Feb 17 Indian gold hits four months high on global cues
        Gold prices rose by Rs. 325 to cross the Rs. 30,000 mark and reached Rs. 30,175 per 10 grams in the bullion market on 25th February, 2017. Globally, gold prices rose by 0.61 percent to 1,256 dollars an ounce on 25th Feb. As per the gold experts, price rise is driven by higher gold demand by local jewellers to meet the ongoing wedding season gold demand from customers in India.
        27th Feb 17 Asian Development Bank signs loan agreement with India for Industrial Corridor
        India and Asian Development Bank has signed a loan agreement of 375 million dollars to develop a Chennai industrial corridor of 800 km. ADB in its statement have said that they have sanctioned a total of 500 million dollars loan to develop key infrastructure in main four centers of Vishakhapatnam, Kakinada, Amaravati and Yerpedu in Andhra Pradesh in the proposed corridor. Out of the total funds, 125 million dollars will be utilised for capacity building of institutions engaged in corridor management and to support developmental activities of industries.
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