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Close HDFC Credit Card

Closing a credit card

Last Updated 07th Oct 2021

  • HDFC credit card cancellation can be made through four ways.
  • To close HDFC Bank credit card, a cardholder can call customer care number, send a written request, send a request through email or send a request through an online application.
  • One should always close their credit card if it is unused.
  • If a card is not appropriately cancelled, it may affect the cardholder's credit score negatively.
  • Before HDFC Bank credit card closure, an individual must clear all their dues, redeem reward points and stop transactions from the card.
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How to Close HDFC Credit Card?

Snipping the credit card into two pieces is not the right way to close the credit card. It is essential to close the credit account the right way because it can hurt the cardholders credit score otherwise. Various ways are used for HDFC Bank credit card cancellation. A cardholder can close HDFC credit card by calling customer care number, written request, sending a request through email or sending a request through an online application.

HDFC Credit Card Cancellation by Calling Customer Care

To cancel a credit card of HDFC Bank, call the customer care number of the bank. Once a card holder's request is raised, a bank executive from the bank will contact to know the reason and confirm the cancellation details.

HDFC Credit Card Cancellation by Submitting a Written Request

HDFC credit card closure is also possible by sending a credit card closure letter. A letter must be written to HDFC Bank branch manager giving credit number, credit cardholder name and contact details. Submit the letter in person or send it through the mail, the branch's postal address can be found online.

HDFC Credit Card Cancellation by Writing an Email

HDFC Bank credit card cancellation online can be made by writing an email to the branch. An email is provided by HDFC Bank on which the email is sent to close the credit card. A credit cardholder has to provide credit card details and personal details like name, address and birth date in an email.

HDFC Credit Card Cancellation by Submitting an Online Request

Fill HDFC Bank credit card closure form online to cancel the credit card. Visit the HDFC's website and then fill the cancellation form and submit it. Upon approval, a bank executive from the bank will contact to know the reason and confirm cancellation details.

Important point to know when Closing HDFC Bank Credit Card

Before HDFC credit cancellation, here are few things which an individual needs to keep in mind:-

  • Clear your dues: Before requesting to cancel a credit card, one must clear all their outstanding dues and EMIs on the credit card. Without clearing dues, the lender cannot cancel the individual's card.
  • Stop transaction: Once a person has raised a request to close the credit card, they should not use the credit card, if the card is used after it, HDFC Bank can revoke the cancellation request.
  • Redeem unclaimed reward points: Before requesting a credit card cancellation, a person must redeem all reward points which they have earned while using a card.
  • Get the exact date: To avoid paying extra fees, or charges get an exact date from when the card will be blocked.
  • Deactivate automatic bill payment: Deactivate automatic bill payment to avoid paying extra fees. If the bank does not keep a follow up on the cancellation request, a cardholder might have to pay extra charges due to automatic bill payment.
  • Get a written confirmation: It is essential to take a written confirmation from the lender that the credit card has been closed.


What are the methods of HDFC Bank Credit Card Cancellation?

Out of four, one method can be opted to cancel the credit card. The four methods call customer care number, written request, sending a request through email or sending a request through an online application.

Can I cancel my HDFC Bank credit card online?

To cancel a credit card online, send an email or request for cancellation using the bank's website.

What Happens after cancelling HDFC Credit Card?

Once the HDFC credit card is cancelled all the add on cards will also be cancelled, and once the bank has informed you that the card is closed, you should cut the card into two pieces.

How to Reactivate a Closed HDFC Credit Card?

To reactivate a closed HDFC credit card call the toll free customer care number 1800-258-3838

Is closing a credit card affect your credit score?

Yes, closing credit can affect your credit score due to various reasons. One of the reasons why your score will reduce is the increase in credit utilisation ratio.

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HDFC Credit Card News - Oct 2021
  • 2021-08-27 : HDFC Bank tops credit card by market share
    HDFC Bank has come out as the market leader of the credit card market in India. The bank has a 23.61% market share, the share of SBI cards is at 19.17%, while ICICI Bank comes at third with a 17.57% share. Despite the RBI ban on issuing any new card HDFC Bank has been able to maintain leadership status.
  • 2021-05-28 : HDFC Bank commits Rs 100 cr towards COVID relief in FY22
    HDFC Bank committed Rs 100 crore for setting up medical infrastructure for COVID-19 relief in 2021-22. The bank is planning to set up 20 oxygen plants in hospitals besides three 100-bed COVID care facilities as part of the plan.
  • 2021-05-25 : HDFC Bank deploys Mobile ATM in Bengaluru
    HDFC Bank deployed Mobile ATM in Bengaluru to assist customers during the COVID-19 related restrictions. The Mobile ATMs will eliminate the need for the public to move out of their locality to withdraw cash.
  • 2020-09-11 : Credit card EMIs at an all-time high
    HDFC Bank reported that the number of customers preferring to buy high-value products through instalments stood at an all-time high during the coronavirus pandemic. Further, The bank noted that the trend is visible across all segments of cardholders, including the newly launched millennia cards targeted for the younger users.
  • 2020-06-25 : HDFC Bank introduced co-branded credit card with IndiGo
    HDFC Bank partnered with the country largest airline IndiGo to launch a co-branded credit card, which will effectively work like a loyalty programme for the carrier. Named as Ka-ching, the card will offer multiple benefits like complimentary air tickets, lounge access, 5 % cashback or reward points on Indigo bookings, and 3% cash back on dining, grocery and entertainment.
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