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Circle Rate in Jaipur May 2022

Revised Circle Rates, Registry and Stamp Duty Charges in Jaipur

Last Updated 23rd May 2022

  • The maximum circle rate in Jaipur for residential plots is for Ajmer Gate to Rambagh Circle area.
  • In Jaipur, circle rates are known as district-level committee (DLC) rates.
  • The circle rate in Jaipur is determined by Jaipur Municipality Administration.
  • DLC rates are decided on the parameters like type of property, the market value of the area, location and infrastructure of the concerned property.
  • The registry fee is determined on the basis of the land’s DLC rate instead of the market rate.

Revised Circle Rates, Registry and Stamp Duty Charges in Jaipur

  • Jaipur circle rates refer to the minimum rate notified by the Rajasthan Government through the registrar or sub-registrar office of Jaipur for registration of property transactions.
  • Stamp duty is to be paid on the higher of the declared transaction value and the value calculated as per circle rate chart applicable for the sector or area of Jaipur.

Jaipur Circle Rates for Residential Plots - per square meter

The table below shows circle rates for residential plots in jaipur for Jaipur 1, Jaipur 2, Jaipur 3, Jaipur 4, Jaipur 5, Jaipur 6, Jaipur 7 and Jaipur 8.

SRO Colony Exterior Interior
Jaipur1 Jagat Pura Samrat Colony ₹ 2,280 ₹ 1,600
Jaipur1 Kho Nagorian Unconverted ₹ 3,600 ₹ 2,600
Jaipur1 Industrial Area Malviya Nagar ₹ 5,000 N/A
Jaipur1 Malviya Nagar Kachchi Basti Riico Area ₹ 5,020 ₹ 3,770
Jaipur1 Guru Colony, Laxmi Nagar, Others Colony On Goner Road ₹ 5,440 ₹ 4,090
Jaipur1 Janak Puri, Jayanti Nagar, Khandelwal Nagar, Model Town, Other Colony On Agra Road, Ram Vihar, Shyam Vihar, Varun Vihar, Hatwara Kacchi Basti ₹ 5,690 ₹ 4,320
Jaipur1 Kho Nagorian Unconverted ₹ 6,130 ₹ 4,090
Jaipur1 Avadh Vihar Colony Jagdish Vihar, Bajrang Colony, Banshipuri, Doctors Colony, Hanu Vihar, Jagat Vihar, Mahesh Colony, Mithla Vihar, Poonam Vihar, Radhakrishna Colony, Radhika Puram, Tapovan Vihar, Tara Nagar, Tirupati Nagar, Vishnu Vihar, Chhatrashal Nagar C, Shivram Colony, Budh Vihar Near Airport, Budhsinghpura, Doctors Colony Near Airport, Gokul Vihar A B C Near Airport, Indraprasth Colony Near Airport, Man Sagar Extn Near Airport, Others Colony Inside Tonk Road Near Airport, Parshwnath Nagar Near Airport, Siya Ram Nagar Near Airport, Tirupati Nagar Near Airport, Vikas Nagar Near Airport, Chetan Vihar Nala, Ganga Viahr Second, Govind Vihar Ext Nala Ganga Vihar, Jagnathpuri Friest Second Third Near Nala, Jai Singh Nagar ₹ 6,130 ₹ 4,530
Jaipur1 Maruti Nagar, Raghunathpuri ₹ 6,130 ₹ 5,000
Jaipur1 Ashok Vatika ₹ 6,130 ₹ 5,160
Jaipur1 Sai Baba Nagar, Bhairav Nagar, Ganesh Nagar, Ganesh Nagar Hatwara, Mehnat Nagar, Rakadi, Rawal Ji Ka Bandha ₹ 6,130 ₹ 5,230
Jaipur1 Manoharpura Kb ₹ 6,130 ₹ 5,440
Jaipur1 Brij Puri Near Purusharth Nagar ₹ 6,130 ₹ 5,950
Jaipur1 Prim State Khonagorian, Kho Nagorian, Rupa Ki Nangal ₹ 6,350 ₹ 4,090
Jaipur1 Kailash Puri Kachchi Basti ₹ 6,800 N/A
Jaipur1 Vidhya Vihar Todiramjanipura, Goner Road, Jagatpura, Todi Ramjanipura ₹ 6,800 ₹ 5,670

What does circle rate in Jaipur depend upon?

  • Circle rates in Jaipur tend to vary across various areas of Jaipur depending upon the market value of the area and the facilities and amenities that are available in that area.
  • Typically, the Government tends to assign higher circle rate to commercial properties and lower rates for residential properties.

What is the stamp duty rate in Jaipur payable for registering property?

Stamp duty is payable as a percentage of the higher of declared agreement value and assessed value as per circle rate chart.

Current Stamp Duty Rates in Jaipur

Stamp Duty Rate Rates
Male 5%
Female 4%

What is the difference between the market rate and circle rates of Jaipur?

  • Circle rates in Jaipur are notified by the government and are used as a reference point for payment of stamp duty on property transaction registrations in Jaipur city.
  • Market prices of property in Jaipur refer to the actual price at which property sale-purchase transactions are transacted between buyers and sellers.
  • In general, circle rates tend to be slightly lower than market prices. However, in some cases, it is seen that the circle rates may even be higher than market prices.


What is the flat registration cost in Jaipur?

Registration cost and stamp duty charges in Jaipur are governed by The Rajasthan Stamps Act, 1998. Currently, the flat registration cost is 8.20%, including stamp duty charges also which are 6 percent + 20 percent (of 6 percent) labour cess. Registry charges for females are 7 percent.

How is stamp duty calculated for circle rate Jaipur?

Stamp duty charges are calculated based on the property's value & current stamp duty charges applicable as per your gender. The amount of stamp duty is charged for every state and territory. Currently, the stamp duty charges for Males is 6% and for females it is 5%.

Why is stamp duty charges in Jaipur?

The stamp duty charges in Jaipur for male are 6 percent + 20 percent (of 6 percent) labour cess and female are 5 percent + 20 percent (of 5 percent) labour cess.

What is the DLC rate?

DLC rate, the full form of DLC is district-level committee. It is the minimum value of the property at which the sale of a plot, apartment, house or land takes place. A dealer cannot charge more than that. For example, the DLC rate for Malviya Nagar Kachchi Basti Riico Area is ₹ 5,020 per square meter and the property cannot be sold for more.

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