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Compare OBC vs HDFC Bank Business Loan

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Interest Rate
Interest Rate
11.95% - 0.00%
11.90% - 21.35%
Processing Fees
Processing Fees
0.50% of Loan Amount
₹ 499
Loan Amount
Loan Amount
₹ 1 Lakh to ₹ 2 Cr
₹ 50,000 to ₹ 50 Lakh
Loan Tenure
Loan Tenure
12 to 84 Months
12 to 48 Months
Lowest EMI Per Lakh
Lowest EMI Per Lakh
₹ 1,763
₹ 2,628
Part Payment Charges
Part Payment Charges
Allowed after 0 months at Nil Prepayment Charges
Not Allowed
Foreclosure Charges
Foreclosure Charges
Allowed after 0 months at Nil Prepayment Charges
Allowed after 12 months at 2 - 4%
Eligible Age
Eligible Age
25 to 65 Years
21 to 65 Years
Minimum Years in Business Required
Minimum Years in Business Required
36 Months
Minimum Turnover Required
Minimum Turnover Required
₹ 0
₹ 1 Cr
Customer Ratings (Read Reviews)
Customer Ratings (Read Reviews)
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Compare Business Loan EMI of OBC and HDFC Bank

Loan Amount OBC HDFC Bank
₹ 1 Lakh ₹ 1,763 ₹ 2,628
₹ 5 Lakh ₹ 8,813 ₹ 13,142
₹ 10 Lakh ₹ 17,626 ₹ 26,285
₹ 15 Lakh ₹ 26,439 ₹ 39,427

Which is a better bank for Business Loan – HDFC Bank or OBC?

OBC offers lower Business Loan EMI at Rs. 1763 for 84 Months compared to HDFC Bank with a minimum EMI of Rs. 2628 for 48 Months. In addition, average customer ratings for OBC is currently at /5.0, making it a good choice for taking a Business Loan.

How does HDFC Bank Business Loan compare with OBC Business Loan?

A detailed comparison of HDFC Bank and OBC Business Loan on various terms and conditions highlight key differences in their offerings and allows the customer to take an choose the best bank for Business Loan. Results of a comparative analysis between both banks highlight that:

  • Lowest Interest rate of HDFC Bank Loan is 11.90%, which is lower than the lowest interest rate of OBC at 11.95%. Hence, HDFC Bank is offering a cheaper loan option.
  • Compared to other Business Loan charges such as processing fees, OBC charges a processing fee of 0.50% of Loan Amount, while HDFC Bank charges a processing fee of Upto ₹ 499.
  • OBC offers Business Loan upto an amount of ₹ 2 Cr, while HDFC Bank offers Loan upto an amount of ₹ 50 Lakh. Therefore, OBC can be a better option if you are looking for a high value amount.
  • One feature that makes Business Loan a better option is the foreclosure facility. OBC gives the option to close the loan after Zero months at Nil Prepayment Charges and HDFC Bank gives the option to close the loan after 12 months at 2 - 4%. This makes OBC a better option for Business Loan.
  • OBC allows part payment on Business Loan after Zero months at Nil charges, while HDFC Bank does not offer a part payment facility. This makes OBC a better option for customers who want to retain the flexibility of reducing their loans whenever they have surplus funds available.
  • OBC gives business loan at a minimum turnover of ₹ 0 . However, the turnover requirement for a business loan from HDFC Bank is ₹ 1 Cr. Hence, small businesses may find is easier to get a loan from OBC.
  • HDFC Bank can be a better option if you are looking for fund requirements after 36 months. OBC offers a business loan once if business is NA months old. Hence, HDFC Bank should be a preferred choice for relatively new enterprises.
  • HDFC Bank has an average customer rating of 4.5. In contrast, has an average customer rating of , based on which it is clear that HDFC Bank has a high customer service focus, an easy process and a quick turnaround.

Which bank offers a lower interest rate on Business Loan – HDFC Bank or OBC?

As per the current rates, HDFC Bank offers a lower interest rate of 11.90% on loans compared to OBC, which offers a Business Loan at 11.95%.

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Business Loan News - Dec 2022
  • 2022-11-02 : Karnataka Bank Registers Net Profit in the Q2 of 2022-23
    The bank has registered a net profit of ₹411.63 crores in the Q2 of 2022-23. In the corresponding quarter, it saw ₹125.61 crores, thus registering a growth of 227.70 percent.
  • 2022-10-18 : SBI Credit Card Holders ALERT! State Bank hikes charges on EMI transactions, Rent Payments
    In a move that may further make credit card usage costlier, the State Bank of India has revised certain charges for its credit card users. The new charges will come into effect from November 15. The processing fee on merchant EMI transactions has been revised to Rs 199 + applicable taxes from earlier Rs 99 + applicable taxes. Processing fee on rent payment transactions will be Rs 99 + applicable taxes," said the bank.
  • 2022-10-18 : SBI launches its digital banking unit in Goa
    As part of the Union government’s initiative, a digital banking unit (DBU) of the State Bank of India (SBI) was inaugurated in Goa. The initiative aims to ensure that the benefits of digital banking reach every nook and corner of the country. The DBUs will offer banking products and services to the customers 24x7.
  • 2022-09-09 : HDFC Bank to introduce 10-second personal loan service
    India’s largest private sector lender HDFC Bank is aiming at introducing the 10-seconds loan service for everyone including those who do not have an account with the bank. The bank has been a paradigm pioneer in 10-second loans for existing customers and has been able to deliver this over the past six years.
  • 2022-08-18 : HDFC bank opens its first all women branch in Kerela`s kozhikode.
    HDFC has opened its first all-women branch in Kozhikode. The branch, located in Cherootty Road, the hub of traders in the district, will have 4 women bankers. HDFC Bank is driving diversity and inclusion within the organization with a special focus on enhancing gender diversity.
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