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4 Reasons of Why Should You Vote in India | Importance of Voting in India

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Author - Neha Wadhwa
4 Reasons of Why Should You Vote in India | Importance of Voting in India

In the 17th Lok Sabha Elections, 900 million voters were eligible to vote in the Elections, making this the world's largest elections. Yet India still strives to achieve the 100% mark in terms of voter turnout. The highest recorded voter turnout in India was recorded in 2014 for the Lok Sabha elections at 66.4%. However, it means a large percentage of the population do not vote in the elections.

While most people sit back and complain about the government the entire day and night, they do not bother to cast out their opinion on election day. However, contrary to our actions, it is not just our duty but also our privilege to figure out the most crucial issues that are affecting our country, and these include alleviating poverty, providing basic health and educational facilities to all, protecting the environment, growth and development of every section of society and the list is long.

So, here is why it is critical to exercise our right to vote….

Voting is your Constitutional Right

Voting is our constitutional right. India, which is the largest democracy globally, is governed by the people and for the people. Thus, it is your right to vote for the people you think are right, not just for you but for the welfare of the nation's progress. So, you must stop being observers who just complain about the government.

Your Vote Can Bring the Change you Want

Elections are the most significant agent of change. By voting, you can stand up for yourself, the people you care about and for the nation's progress. Your vote can thus play a significant hand in bringing the waves of change. For example, if you are unhappy with the current government, your vote can make a big difference.

Every Vote Counts

Though it seems like your vote will not make a difference, there may be thousands of people who would have the same thoughts and thus choose not to participate in the elections. If you do not understand how things work, who are the candidates, whom should you vote for, it's time to educate yourself. Remember, the internet has brought everything to our fingertips. If you do not find any candidate apt, you can always vote for NOTA. So, there is no excuse for ignorance.

The Game Changer

Such is the power of the people that if most of the people think that no candidate is suitable to be the government they want. They can vote for NOTA, and it can result in fresh elections with fresh candidates.

How to Vote in India?

Convinced about your right to vote? Let's briefly understand how elections work.

Election Commission is an electoral body that oversees that the elections are conducted in a smooth manner. It has all the power and control regarding the conduction of elections. The process of voting or elections is done in the manner as explained:

  • Firstly, you need to register on the Electoral Roll. It is a list of eligible voters. To get your name on the voter list, you need to apply for a voter card. You can apply for a voter card online or through designated locations at booth centers.
  • Once you are issued a Voter ID, you need to showcase the same on the day of elections.
  • Find out the nearest polling booth for casting elections.
  • As you reach the booth, the polling official will ink your finger, give you a slip and take your signature.
  • Submit this slip to another polling official to continue to the polling booth.
  • The voting process is anonymous. So, no one can ask you about your preferred candidate.
  • You have to press the button to your desired candidate on the Electronic Voting Machines.
  • Once you have voted, you will hear a beep sound. Finally, check the slip that appears on the VPAT Machine.

Bottom Line: Remember, some countries in the world do not even have the right to vote. Consider voting as both your right and privilege that will affect the lives of millions for the coming years to come. It is crucial that we understand and appreciate our right to vote.

About Author

Neha Wadhwa
Neha is a mass communication postgraduate. She works here as a senior Content Writer with a total work experience of 3 years. She loves to write on different genres mostly humour based lifestyle stories on trending real life topics.

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