Bajaj Finserv Rate, Bajaj Finserv PLR – Jan 2017

Bajaj Finserv Rate – Current Rate, Past Trend

Last Updated 22nd Jan 2017
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PLR 20.16% * History
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Bajaj Finserv Interest Rates
Personal Loan Interest Rates 11.99% * Detail
  • This is a notional interest rate to which interest rate on Bajaj Finserv’s floating rate loans is benchmarked
  • Current Bajaj Finserv PLR is 20.16%, which was last updated by Bajaj Finserv on 01st May 14 as per information available with MyLoanCare.
  • Typically, all loans by Bajaj Finserv are priced at a discount to the Bajaj Finserv PLR
  • Applicable rate of interest on all Bajaj Finserv floating rate loans, such as home loans, loans against property, business loans, SME loans linked to PLR will vary with changes in its PLR from time to time
  • Bajaj Finserv decides its own PLR from time to time
  • The RBI or NHB do not mandate or decide the PLR of any NBFC or HFC. Since NBFC’s typically have a higher cost of raising funds and higher cost of operations than those of banks, mostly they tend to offer loans at higher interest rates compared to banks
  • Sometimes, NBFC’s may have different benchmark PLR’s by customer segment and by product. E.g., an NBFC may have one PLR for retail and another one for corporate
  • When pricing a loan, Bajaj Finserv typically offers a discount to the PLR to arrive at its lending rate

Bajaj Finserv PLR Vs. RBI

  • RBI/ NHB require each NBFC/ HFC to set their own PLR rate based on their cost of funds. So, Bajaj Finserv decides its own base rate from time to time based
  • Note that the RBI/ NHB does not decide the PLR rate

Changes in PLR of Bajaj Finserv

  • PLR rate can be revised by Bajaj Finserv periodically in line with changes in interest rates in the market

Bajaj Finserv home loan interest rate and PLR

  • Every floating rate loan sanctioned by Bajaj Finserv is benchmarked to its PLR rate
  • The applicable rate of interest on a floating rate loan will consist of two parts – the applicable PLR and a spread or margin (which is typically negative in case of NBFC’s and HFC’s)
  • Your loan from Bajaj Finserv will be repriced periodically depending upon change in PLR. So, a home loan from Bajaj Finserv will be repriced every time the PLR of Bajaj Finserv changes. Say, you take a loan at PLR minus 6.75% spread when the PLR is 16.25%. This loan will initially be priced at 9.50%. Whenever Bajaj Finserv changes in PLR rate, the applicable rate of interest will change correspondingly.

Past trend of Bajaj Finserv PLR vs RBI Repo Rate

Date PLR
04th Oct 16: 0.25% repo cut by RBI
05th Apr 16: 0.25% repo cut by RBI
29th Sep 15: 0.5% repo cut by RBI
02nd Jun 15: 0.25% repo cut by RBI
04th Mar 15: 0.25% repo cut by RBI
15th Jan 15: 0.25% repo cut by RBI
01st May 14 20.16%
28th Jan 14: 0.25% repo hike by RBI
18th Dec 13: 0% repo none by RBI
29th Oct 13: 0.25% repo hike by RBI
20th Sep 13: 0.25% repo hike by RBI
03rd May 13: 0.25% repo cut by RBI
19th Mar 13: 0.25% repo cut by RBI
29th Jan 13: 0.25% repo cut by RBI
17th Apr 12: 0.5% repo cut by RBI
25th Oct 11: 0.25% repo hike by RBI
16th Sep 11: 0.25% repo hike by RBI
26th Jul 11: 0.5% repo hike by RBI
16th Jun 11: 0.25% repo hike by RBI
03rd May 11: 0.5% repo hike by RBI
17th Mar 11: 0.25% repo hike by RBI
25th Jan 11: 0.25% repo hike by RBI
02nd Nov 10: 0.25% repo hike by RBI
16th Sep 10: 0.25% repo hike by RBI
27th Jul 10: 0.25% repo hike by RBI
02nd Jul 10: 0.25% repo hike by RBI

Bajaj Finserv PLR Vs. RBI Repo Rate Trend

About Bajaj Finserv

  • Bajaj Finserv's registered office is located at .
  • Bajaj Finserv's management is led by its CEO .
  • Its current PLR is 20.16%, which was last revised on 01st May 14.
News - Jan 2017
28th Dec 16 NBFCs face tough time due to cash ban
NBFCs have seen a massive slowdown in their business post demonetisation. The top NBFCs such as Bajaj Finance and Mahindra Finance that are listed in BSE 200 have reported a downfall in their profits. Demonetisation has also affected the loan demand that have gradually decreased the volume of loan disbursements. The deteriorating loan portfolio is expected to affect the future business growth of NBFCs.
14th Dec 16 Bajaj Finance sees a slower demand for personal loans, but impact of disbursals is minimal
Bajaj Finance has maintained a stable outlook on its personal loan business. The NBFC expects to maintain its personal loan disbursements volumes, even with a slower demand growth. Demonetisation has resulted in slow demand for personal loans.
02nd Dec 16 Bajaj Finance to provide an attractive offer to personal loan buyers
Bajaj Finance, a lending arm of Bajaj Financial Services has announced an attractive offer to boost up the personal loan business. Under the offer, company will provide free airline vouchers of Rs. 12,000 to the customers availing personal loan. Personal loan buyers will also get an extra benefit of selecting the destination of their choice. The offer is valid from 28th November to 4th December, 2016.
28th Oct 16 Bajaj Finserv net profit rises by 46 percent in July to September quarter at Rs. 408 crore
Bajaj Finserv reported an increase in its net profit by 46 percent at Rs. 408 crore in July to September quarter as compared to the net profit of Rs. 279 crore in the same corresponding period last year. The growth is mainly in consumer finance and commercial finance segments. The net interest income also grew by 40 percent at Rs.1410 crore.
22nd Aug 16 Bajaj Finance ties up with India Post to facilitate two-wheeler purchase
Bajaj Auto Finance has joined hands with Indian Post for providing finance on two wheelers purchases. This partnership will facilitate purchase of vehicles in Karnataka and provide geographical diversity to Bajaj Auto Finance. It will also enable the Post Offices to offer value added services to their customers. The companies have signed MoU and have announced a special arrangement which will allow prospective customers to know about various two wheeler loan schemes. This arrangement will be rolled out in 208 Post offices across Karnataka. The customers will also get facility to make repayments of their loans through the Post Offices by their Post office deposits
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